Photo (MI-8100 Directional Microphone)


Photo (MI-8100 with grip)

MI-8100 with grip


MI-8100 is a shotgun type directional microphone which sharply catches the intended sound. This directional microphone is helpful for the removal of background noise in the simple sound source exploration and in abnormal sound detection. Flat frequency characteristic from 50 Hz to 20 kHz and sharp detection with high S/N ratio provide high sensitive detection of various sound coming from the specific direction. By combining the acoustic vibration monitor BL-1100, only the intended frequency or sound is focused and caught clearer.



  • A sharp directivity that detects intended sound clearly.
  • Flat frequency characteristics up to 20 kHz and sensitivity of -30 dB
  • Simple sound source exploration with low cost
  • Ideal for removal of background noise in abnormal sound detection
  • Direct connection to CCLD measuring equipment (Not required an external amplifier.)

MI-8100 Polar pattern





MI-8100 System BL-1100 Acoustic Vibration Monitor




Overview Specification

Sensitivity -30 dB ± 3 dB re1 V/Pa
Frequency band 50 to 20 kHz
Directivity Narrow angle directivity
Input equivalent noise 26 dB (A) or less
Maximum sound pressure 137 dB (driven voltage 24 V )
Drive side format Constant current line drive
Power requirement Constant current: 2 to 4 mA
Voltage: 18 to 24 V
Operating temperature range -10 to 40℃
Storage temperature range -20 to 50℃
External dimensions φ 19 × 197 mm
Weight Approx. 125 g
Standard accessory Wind screen
Option Grip




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