The DG-4320/4340 Digital gauge counters display and calculate the measured values from linear gauge sensors.

In addition to four basic functions (Multiplication switching, factor setting, offset setting and number of decimal place setting), new features such as calculation display function and condition memory function are equipped. It helps in-line measurement to work at production site efficiently.

The DG-4320 has BCD output function, the DG-4340 has BCD output and comparator functions.

* Red color : Judged NG in comparator function.
Green color : OK in comparator function.


Various functions support measurements

Multiplication switching function 1, 2, 4-multiplication can be selected using input pulse
Factor setting function Displays the value multiplied the measurement value by the user-specified value.
Offset setting function Displays the value added the measurement value by the user-specified value.
Number of decimal place setting function The position of decimal point can be moved regardless of the sensor resolution.
Calculation display function Calculates and displays the values of MAX, MIN, and RANGE (MAX-MIN)
Panel condition memory Can be saved 4 setup conditions of all setting values.
  • Encoders can be connected as well as linear gauge sensors.
  • Provided BCD output
  • More than one OK/NG judgment can be made using 3ch-comparator.  (*DG-4340 only)
  • Conforming to CE marking, RoHS


3ch OK/NG judgment using comparator function

By detecting height of projecting part of a screw, you can check the tightening. OK/NG judgment for tree different types of screws can be made.


OK/NG judgment of flatness using RANGE function

Flatness of parts can be measured easily to see MAX value and MIN value (RANGE function). Turn around the measurement object with sensing the linear gauge sensor. Flatness of the object can be measured by the difference of MAX and MIN values detected.


Measuring length using counting pulse

The length of paper or steel plate can be measured using the rotary encoder attached to the feed roller. The multiplication switching function or factor setup function of the DG-4300 series enables signal conversion from pulse of the encoder to the length of the object.


Auto-judgment using BCD output function

OK/NG judgment of processed parts can be made automatically by using BCD output function and PLC*. The comparator function decides whether those dimensions are within the specified values or not. And then OK parts are selected by the PLC* via the BCD signal of the DG-4340.


BCD output

Pin Signal Pin Signal
DG-4120 DG-4140 DG-4240 DG-4280 DG-4320/4340
1 1×100 BCD output 19 4×104
2 2×100 20 8×104
3 4×100 21 N.C Start input Lower output Preset1 Start input
4 8×100 22 N.C Stop input OK output Preset2 Stop input
5 1×101 BCD output 23 N.C N.C Upper output Preset3 Display switching input 1
6 2×101 24 N.C N.C N.C Preset4 Display switching input 2
7 4×101 25 Polarity output (+)
8 8×101 26 Polarity output (-)
9 1×102 BCD output 27 D.P 0.00 Decimal point 1
10 2×102 28 D.P 0.000 Decimal point 2
11 4×102 29 N.C 1×105 BCD output
12 8×102 30 Error output
13 1×103 BCD output 31 Hold input
14 2×103 32 Reset input
15 4×103 33 Busy input
16 8×103 34 N.C Comparator gate input Comparator gate output N.C Comparator gate output
17 1×104 BCD output 35 Print command output
18 2×104 36 Common

BCD External signal input/output recommended interface

Interface circuit for output signals

(BCD output, polarity output, decimal point output, error output, print command output)

Output Open collector output
Withstand voltage Max. 24 V
Maximum synchronism current Max. 30 mA
Residual voltage Max. 0.5 V

Interface circuit for input signals

(Start input, hold input, reset input, busy input, comparator gate input)

Input Lo level voltage 0 to 1.4 V
Input Hi Level output 3 to 5.25 V
Input impedance 1 kΩ or more

Overview Specification

Model name DG-4320 DG-4340
Display LCD display, segment and dot matrix display, 2-color backlight, 6-digit
Display range 0 to ±199999
(0 or 5 is displayed on the first digit when the resolution of 0.5 µm is selected.)
Applicable sensor Linear gauge sensors by Ono Sokki (excluding the GS-3800 series)
2-phase and 1-phase square wave voltage output type sensors by Ono Sokki (encoder etc.)
Power output for sensor: DC 5 V ±10 %, 200 mA
Resolution selection Can be selected from 0.5 µm, 1 µm or 10 µm*1
Input signal 2-phase with 90 degree phase difference square wave or 1-phase square wave
(Can be changed by setup menu)
Input frequency range DC to 300 kHz
Display values Instantaneous value, Max value, Min value, RANGE value (Max value-Min value)
Calculation function Offset setting, Factor setting, Multiplication switching, Number of decimal place setting
Digital output BCD output, update cycle: 10 ms, open collector output
(Positive or negative logic can be selectable)
  • 3-ch semiconductor relay
    The setup can be changed by upper comparator, lower comparator or OK/NG comparator.
  • Backlight turns red when the comparator is “ON”.
Panel condition memory function Setup parameters can be stored to a counter (4 conditions)
Outer dimensions/ weight 72(W) × 72(H) × 114(D) mm/ approx.320 g
Power supply AC 100 to 240 V
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 °C approx. 6 VA (AC 100 V)
Storage temperature range -10 to +55 °C
  • DG-0430 (Detector power supply supporting connection with encoders: DC12 V, 150 mA power supply)

  • AA-8101 (BCD cable:3 m)

  • AX-2050N (Power cable:3 m)

*1: Please contact your nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office nearby when you use DG-4300 series in combination with BS-102 series (discontinued).
*2: When you select a rotary encoder as a sensor, unit and decimal point are not displayed. (The decimal point can be displayed by “number of decimal place setting function”.)




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