Comparison table of major specification


DG series (Discontinued model) / New DG series (DG-4320/DG-4340)


DG series
(Previous model: Discontinued)
DG-4300 series and Alternative model
Model name Feature   Model name Feature
DG-4120 BCD output DG-4320
  DG-4120   DG-4320
Display LED LCD
BCD update speed Within 20 μs after display update Every 10 ms
DG-4140 Color comparator display DG-4340 BCD output +Comparator display
DG-4190 Color comparator display Analog output DG-5100

DG-5100 Digital gauge counter
DG-0530 Analog output (option)
AA-8910 Conversion cable
DG-4240 Upper/OK/Lower

BCD output + Comparator display
  DG-4240   DG-4340
Display LED LCD
Update speed
Within 20 µs after display update Every 10 ms
Relay Mechanical relay Semiconductor relay
OK/NG Comparator 1 Up to 3
Outer dimensions 96 x 96 mm 72 x 72 mm
DG-4280 4-step Preset Output function Alternative model (No succession model)
DG-4340 BCD output + Comparator display



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