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Photo (DG-4140 Digital Gauge Counter)

The DG-4140 digital gauge counter, featuring the color comparator display, is newly launched.

An operator can easily recognize the comparison result monitoring changes of colors on the backlit of LCD, indicating red for either of  the lower and the upper, and green in good.

To expand possibility for the in-line use, it can provide the advanced functions such like peak hold, off set and multiple functions.

Specifications Summary

Display LCD, 5-digit for numeric and 1 digit for polarity (-)
Display range 0.000 to ±99.999,  0.00 to ±999.00 (mm)
Signal input Rectangular, 90° phase difference, DC to 300 kHz
External control signal I/O section peak hold start, peak hold stop, hold, reset, busy, comparator gate
Digital BCD output BCD data, polarity, decimal point (positive/negative logic, open collector output),
error (collector output)
Contact output*1 semiconductor relay (single make contact),
max. contact capacity DC 30V, 0.1A
Comparator setup 5-digit for numeric, 1-digit for polarity
Power supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption approx 7VA
Operating temperature range 0 to +40°C
Storage temperature range -10 to +55°C (average year-round humidity: 75% or below)  * with no condensation
Outer dimensions (mm) 72(W) x 72(H) x 114(D)
Weight Approx 300g

*1: Resistance load

Revised: 2012/11/09

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