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Digital Gauge Counter

DG-4120 (BCD Output Type)


DG-4240 (Upper & Lower Output Type)>


DG-4280 (4-step Preset Output Type)


Photo (DG-4110 Digital Gauge Counter)


Photo (DG-4240 Digital Gauge Counter)

The DG-4000 series digital gauge can be combined with the BS/GS series gauge sensor and can be easily mounted on a variety of panels because the external dimensions conform to the DIN 72 standard (for DG-4110/4120) and DIN 96 standard (DG-4240/4280).

With selection of type of output functions, it can make sure the better matching with a sequencer or the like.

Furthermore, the DG-4240/4280 can activate the pass-fail judgment using comparator function.


Photo (DG-4280 Digital Gauge Counter)


Specifications Summary

  Discontinued  Discontinued  Discontinued  Discontinued
  DG-4110 DG-4120 DG-4240 DG-4280
Display Red LED, 5-digit for numeric and 1 digit for polarity (-)
Display range 0.000 to ±99.999, 0.00 to ±999.00 (mm)
Signal input Rectangular,
90° phase difference
DC to 300 kHz
90° phase difference
DC to 75 kHz
External control signal I/O section hold, reset (terminal) hold, reset
(BCD connector)
hold, reset,
comparator gate (terminal)
hold, reset,
preset gate 1-4 (terminal)
Digital BCD output - BCD data, polarity, error (positive/negative logic, open collector output)
Contact output*1 - - single make contact,
max. contact capacity AC 250V, 2A
Comparator setup - - 5-digit for numeric, 1-digit for polarity
Power supply 7 to 24VDC 100 to 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption approx 150mA (7VDC) approx 7VA approx 8VA
Operating temperature range 0 to +40°C
Storage temperature range -10 to +55°C (average year-round humidity: 75% or below)  * with no condensation
Outer dimensions (mm) 72(W) x 72(H) x 115(D) 72(W) x 72(H) x 118(D) 96(W) x 96(H) x 127(D)
Weight Approx 200g Approx 370g Approx 500g

*1: Resistance load




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