Digital Linear Gauge Baby sensor

BS-1210 (10µ resolution)

BS-1310 (1µ resolution)




Industrial products are being made smaller and smaller these days. The BS-1210/1310 linear gauge baby sensor is the best solution for measurement of such a small product. With the compact body, many sensors can be installed closely together even in a limited space.


The BS-1210/1310, designed based on our long-selling previous model the BS-102/112 series, measures dimensions, displacements and travels in high durability, stability and high accuracy.


  • Thin and small space-saved design. Easy setup and maintenance.
  • Conforms to the protection class IP66, meeting the dust- and splash-proof test requirements. (previous model:IP64)
  • It achieves 30 million times of sliding. (based on our internal durability test) (previous model: 10 million times of sliding)
  • Expanded in operating temperature range from 0 to 50℃ (previous model: 5 to 40 ℃)

Protection Class IP 66


Measuring and screening for height of small parts such as IC packages



Model name

BS-1210 BS-1310
Measurement range 10 mm
Resolution 10 µm 1 µm
Accuracy (at +20 ℃) 3 µm
Maximum spindle velocity  *1 1 (4) m/s 0.3 (1.2) m/s
Measurement force(including dust protection rubber) 1.47 N or less
Number of strokes *2 30 million times
Vibration resistance
(when the power is off)*4
98 m/s2 in each of the three axial directions (150 minutes per each)
20 cycles of 10 Hz to 150 Hz sweeping
Shock resistance(when the power is off)*4 980 m/s2 in each direction for each of three axis
Three times for each of X, Y, and Z directions (18 times in all, sine half-wave, pulse duration 6 ms).
Protection class IP 66 (excluding connector)
Stem diameter Φ 8 mm+0 -0.03
Power supply DC 4.5 to 5.5 V
Power consumption(DC 5 V) 30 mA or less 50 mA or less
Output signal(DC 5 V) Two-phase square wave, phase difference: 90°± 20°
Output voltage Hi : +4.5 V or more(no load)Lo : +0.4 V or less
Operating temperature range 0 to+50 ℃
Storage temperature range -10 to+65 ℃
Outer dimensions 94.5 x 29 x 13 mm
Cable length Approx. 1.9 m
Weight (including cable) Approx. 110 g
Accessory Instruction manual

· AA-813 Mechanical release *2
· ST-022 Gauge stand
· AA-973 Dust protection rubber for replacement
· Extension spindle AA-844 (30 mm) /AA-845 (50 mm)
· Extension signal cables
· Measurement tips *3

*1:When used with Ono Sokki’s Gauge Counter. The values within parentheses ( ) is the maximum spindle velocity with the
*2:IP66 is not guaranteed when a release is used.
*3:IP66 is not guaranteed when a measurement tip is used. (Because a dust protection rubber is removed when a measurement tip is used.)
*4:Vibration/shock resistance values described in above are not guaranteed during measurement operation.



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