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HT-5500 is a handheld digital tachometer with high performance and pioneering technology at the sophisticated body. It can be operated easily as both contact and non-contact type digital tachometer, which various rotation measurement technology are equipped.


Various measurement parameters such as rotation (r/min, r/s), accumulated rotation (count), line speed (m/min: contact and non-contact, mm/s: contact) and period (ms) can be measured. Both the analogue signal output and pulse signal output are available as standard. Analogue signal is used for recording the rotational data at data recorder etc. Pulse signal is used as external sampling signal at FFT analyzer for tracking analysis.


Wide measurement range with high technical functions from 6.0 r/min (low-speed rotation) to 99999 r/min (high-speed rotation) is provided.

HT-5500 added HT-0502 Contact Adapter

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  • Wide measurement range from 6.0 r/min (low-speed rotation) to 99999 r/min (high-speed rotation)


Lo range 6.0 to 600.0 r/min
Hi range 6 to 99999 r/min
  • Capable of both contact and non-contact measurement in one unit
  • Built-in memory function - 20 data (MAX) can be saved to memory.
  • Line speed measurement is possible by setting the diameter of rotational object even though it is non-contact measurement. (Circumferential ring such as KS-100/KS-200 should be attached at HT-5500 when it is contact measurement.)
  • Accumulating rotation can be measured. (1 pulse/rotation by contact measurement. 1 count/1 reflection mark to 9999 is possible by non-contact measurement
  • Both analog and pulse outputs provided as standard
Analog output 0 to 1 V/0 to F.S. (Full scale can be set arbitrarily), 10-bit D/A conversion
Pulse output Hi level = At least +4.5 V, Lo level = Up to +0.5 V
  • Hold function of Max. and Min. values of rotation, period and line speed.
  • Large LCD with backlight
  • Can be mounted on a tripod


Detection methods Optical reflective non-contact measurement; contact method (contact adapter supplied)
Measurement units r/min, r/s (rotations)
m/min (line speed)
ms (cycle)
COUNT (cumulative count)
Measurement ranges  
  Non-contact method Contact method
r/min (Hi range) 6 to 99999 6 to 20000
r/min (Lo range) 6.0 to 600.0 6.0 to 600.0
r/s 0.10 to 999.99 r/s 0.10 to 400.00 r/s
m/min 0.6 to 9999.9 m/min 0.6 to 400.0 m/min
COUNT 0 to 99999 COUNT 0 to 99999 COUNT
ms 0.6 to 9999.9 ms 2.5 to 9999.9 ms

Reflection detection distance 20 to 300 mm
Display 5-digit LED, with backlight (character height: 10.2 mm)
Measurement time Within 1 s +  time required for one cycle (however, when the rotation is less than 60 r/min, twice the time required for one cycle (MAX))
Display update time Approx. 1 s
Measurement accuracy

Displayed value* x (±0.02 %) ± 1 count
* The displayed value is the count value excluding figures after the decimal point.



The measurement accuracy of the circumferential speed depends on the number of rotations of the rotating object.
The measurement accuracy given above is for non-contact measurement. Measurement errors caused by hand shake are not included. With contact measurement, the smoothness and accuracy of the contact tip are added to the above value.
Peak hold function Maximum value (MAX), minimum value (MIN)
Memory function 20 data (MAX)
Over-range function The over-range alarm (ERROR mark) is displayed when the measured value exceeds the display range.
Rotation upper limit alarm function The upper limit alarm ( ↑ mark) is displayed when the number of rotations exceeds the preset upper limit value.
Line speed calculation function Calculates the line speed from the preset diameter value (mm) and the measured number of rotations <Non-contact>
Use the KS-100/200 circumferential rings <Contact>
Accumulating function Provides a cumulative count of the input signal pulses
Cycle measurement function Measures the input pulse cycle (however, when the cycle is less than 1 s, measures the mean value of the input pulses)
Analog output Output voltage : 0 to 1 V/0 to F.S. (Full scale can be set arbitrarily.)
Conversion method : 10-bit D/A conversion
Linearity : ±1 %/F.S.
Output update time : Within 50 ms + 1 cycle
Temperature stability : ±0.05%/FS/°C (span & zero)
Setting error : ±0.5 %/F.S.
Load resistance : At least 100 kΩ
Pulse output Output voltage : Hi level = At least +4.5 V, Lo level = Up to +0.5 V
Output logic : Positive logic
Load resistance : At least 100 kΩ
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature -10 to 50 °C
Power source Four AAA alkaline batteries or exclusive AC adapter (PB-7090 option)
Battery life At least 32 hours (when the backlight is OFF)
At least 8 hours (when the backlight is ON)
Low battery alarm indicator A low battery alarm mark (LOW) is displayed when the battery voltage falls below 4.4 V.
Outer dimensions 180.5 (W) X 47.5 (H) X 66 (D) mm
237.2 (W) X 47.5 (H) X 66 (D) mm (with the contact adapter)
Weight (including batteries) Approx. 267 g
Approx. 329 g (with the contact adapter)
Accessories Contact adapter (HT-0502) 1
Contact tip for rotation measurement (KS-300) 1
Circumferential ring (KS-200) 1
Reflective marks (12-mm square; 25 pcs.) 1 sheet
AAA alkaline batteries 4
Carrying case 1
(sold separately)
  • AX-501 Signal output cable (2-m length) (used for both analog and pulse outputs) ø2.5 pin plug—CO2 (BNC) plug
  • HT-0522 Magnetic stand + HT-0521B Stand jig
  • LA-0203A Measurement tripod (Used in combination)
  • PB-7090 AC adapter (100 to 240 VAC)
  • HT-0502 Contact adapter
  • KS-100 Circumferential ring (mm/s)
  • KS-200 Circumferential ring (m/min)
  • KS-300 Contact tip (for rotation measurement)
  • KS-700 Extension shaft for KS-300
  • HT-011 Reflective marks (10 sheets/pack)


Peripherals (sold separately)

Peripherals (sold separately)




HT-011 Reflective marks (10 sheets/pack) KS-100 Circumferential ring (mm/s) KS-200 Circumferential ring (m/min)




LA-0203A Tripod KS-300 Contact tip (for rotation measurement) KS-700 Extension shaft for KS-300

HT-0522 Magnetic stand + HT-0521B Stand jig




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