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Digital Engine Tachometer


(measuring ignition spark noise)




CE marking

Photo (SE-1200 Hand-held Digital Engine Tachometer)


The SE-1200 is a new-designed appearance of our long-selling digital engine tachometer. Indigo blue in color, it is designed to fit snugly into the palm of your hand. A memory function (10 data) has been added to the original specifications of previous model.


  • A large-size LCD device has been incorporated into the compact, lightweight body.
  • Easy and safety operation by non-contact measurement.
  • Measurement can be performed in 1 r/min resolution covering a wide measurement range.
  • The cylinder/cycle settings enable use with various gasoline engines.
  • Equipped with a convenient memory function for checking of the measurement results (up to 10 data can be stored in memory.)
  • Over-range display function—if the measured value exceeds the measurement range, the maximum value for that range is displayed together with an “ERROR” mark.
  • After measurement has been completed, the latest measured value is displayed for approximately 30 seconds.

Measurement Method

Illustration (Measurement Method -1)

Illustration (Measurement Method -2)


Applicable engines Gasoline engines
Detection method detection of electrical ignition pulse from the spark plug
Detection distance 30 to 200 mm
Target object of detection High-tension cords (spark-plug cords)
Measurement ranges  
2-cycle 4-cycle Measurement range (r/min)
- 1 cylinder 100 to 20000
1 cylinder 2 cylinders 100 to 20000
- 3 cylinders 100 to 20000
2 cylinders 4 cylinders 100 to 20000
- 5 cylinders 100 to 20000
3 cylinders 6 cylinders 100 to 20000
4 cylinders 8 cylinders 100 to 15000/
- 12 cylinders 100 to 10000


Measurement accuracy 100 to 12,499 r/min ± 1 r/min
12,500 to 20,000 r/min ± 2 r/min
Measurement resolution 1 r/min
Over-range display If the measured value exceeds the measurement range, the maximum value for that range is displayed together with an “ERROR” mark on the display unit.
Low battery display The “LOW” mark lights when the battery voltage drops below 3.3 V.
Display unit LCD, 5-digit
Character height 10.5 mm
Display refresh time 1 s, automatic update (2 s when the sensor signal exceeds 1 s)
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 °C
Storage temperature range -10 to +60 °C
Power source Three AAA-type batteries
Continuous measurement time Approx. 100 hours
(when alkaline batteries are being used at a temperature of 20 °C.)
Outer dimensions 129 × 62 × 26.4 mm
Weight Approx. 90 g (excluding batteries)
Accessories AAA-type battery x 3 pieces



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