MB-2200M10 is an ultra compact and lightweight microphone that enables measurement in narrow spaces, where have been difficult to install, without giving influence to the sound field.

Its compact and lightweight features make you possible to perform measurements in a limited space, such as multi-point measurement, and measurement near the sound source. As CCLD type, the MB-2200M10 can be connected to Ono Sokki’s FFT Analyzer or CCLD supported devices.



  • • Ultra compact ! Easy sound pressure measurement even in limited spaces

  • • Super lightweight ! Can be fixed with double-sided tape

  • • TEDS supported, conforms to CE marking


  • • Sound pressure measurement in a narrow place

  • • Sound pressure distribution measurement using multiple microphones

Measuring operating sound of a vehicle mirror


Can be set in a very small space of a vehicle mirror

Measuring operating sound of a printer head



Can be set to a printer head. Operation sound of moving part can be measured with the cover closed.


Response type Sound field type
Sensitivity (1 kHz) -37.0 ± 3 dB re.1 V/Pa (14 mV/Pa)


(1 kHz reference)

200 Hz to 16 kHz (± 2.5 dB)
Max. sound pressure level
114 dB or more (1 kHz, total harmonic distortion : 3 %)
Inherent noise level 36 dB or less (A-weighting)

Operating temperature range

-30 to +80 °C (within 2500 mm from tip of the sensor part)

0 to +50 °C (2500 mm or more from tip of the sensor: until the connector part of a preamplifier)

Operating humidity range

0 to 90 % RH (with no condensation)

Storage temperature range

-10 °C to +60 °C (sensor section, preamplifier section)

Storage humidity range

0 to 90 % RH (with no condensation)

Power requirement Driving method: CCLD (Constant current drive)
Driving current: 2.2 mA to 4.9 mA (Rated 4.0 mA)
Driving voltage: DC18 V to 26 V (Rated 24 V)
Conforming standard

CE marking

EMC Directive 2014/30/EU Standard EN61326-1
RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Standard EN IEC 63000
TEDS IEEE 1451.4:2004 Version: 1.0
Template :27 Microphone with built-in Preamplifier
Output connector C02 (BNC)
Outer dimensions Sensor section: 4.7 (W) x 7.1 (D) x 3.3 (H) mm
Preamplifier section: φ13.6 x 46.8 mm (including BNC connector)
Cable section: 2850 mm (including bush)
Weight Approx. 48 g (sensor section only: approx. 0.3 g)
Accessory Data sheet x 1
Instruction manual (Japanese/English)x 1 for each



MB-0210  Ultraminiature Microphone CAL Adapter for MB-2200M10


Please use in combination with the SC-2120A Sound calibrator. When using other calibrator, the calibration value is not guaranteed.

The image installing to the SC-2120A Sound calibrator

Related product

SC-2120A  Sound Calibrator

Simple type sound calibrator for 1/2-inch microphone.
An exclusive adapter (MB-0210) is required for
calibration of the ultra compact microphone.

SR-2210 2-ch Sensor Amplifier

The SR-2210 sensor amplifier accepts constant-current line drive sensors and connects to analyzers and recording device including DAT that would not otherwise be compatible with constant-current sensors.

Reviced: 2022/6/23



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