SE-2500A is a non-contact handheld tachometer designed for gasoline engine measurement. Detection, measurement, and display parts are all in one unit and batteries are built in the unit. Moving the detector (head of the SE-2500A) close to an ignition coil can measure rotation speed at the unit of 1 r/min or 0.01 r/s. Up to 20 measurement data can be stored in the internal memory that is convenient for later checking.

Both analog (able to switch over to monitor output) and pulse outputs are provided as standard. Analog output signal can be used for the data recording by recording device. Monitor output is used for checking sensor waveform or input signal of FFT Analyzer. Pulse output signal is used for tracking analysis signal for FFT Analyzer.

* IP-2800 External sensor (discontinued) is not provided as standard.

External detector (option)



  • Easy and safe measurement by non-contact measurement method

  • Accurate rotation speed measurement by the unit of 1 r/min or 0.01 r/s
  • Easy to identify the displayed value with large LCD with backlight even when the surrounding is dark
  • Up to 20 data can be stored by memory function
  • Analog and Pulse outputs are provided as standard
  • Analog output 0 to 1 V/0 to F.S (F.S. : can be set optionally), 10-bit D/A conversion
    Pulse output Hi : +4.5V or more, Lo : +0.5V or less

    Rotation speed of 4-cilinder diesel engine can be measured with the VP-201/1210 (optional detector) *

    * It may not be measured depending on an engine.


Measurement method


Specifications Summary


Applicable engines Gasoline engines
Calculation method Cycle calculation method
Measurement time Within 1s + the time required for one cycle of input signal
Measurement unit r/min, r/s
Measurement ranges  
2-cycle 4-cycle Number of rotations (r/min)
- 1 cylinder

120 to 20000 r/min

1cylinder 2 cylinders

120 to 20000 r/min

- 3 cylinders

120 to 20000 r/min

2 cylinders 4 cylinders

120 to 20000 r/min

- 5 cylinders

120 to 20000 r/min

3 cylinders 6 cylinders

120 to 15000 r/min

4 cylinders 8 cylinders

120 to 12000 r/min

- 10 cylinders

120 to 10000r/min

- 12 cylinders 120 to 8000r/min
(r/s is the numerical value obtained when the r/min measurement value is divided by 60)

Display value*× (±0.02 %)± 1 count
*The display value is the count value excluding figures after the decimal point.

Detection method Electromagnetic induction
Detection distance 10 to 200 mm
Detected object Ignition coil
Selection of number of cylinders · number of cycles By internal signal selector
Display 5-digit, LCD, 7-segtment, with backlight (character height : 10.2 mm)
Over-range function The over-range alarm (ERROR mark) is displayed when the measured value exceeds the display range.
Rotation upper limit alarm function The upper limit alarm (↑ mark) is displayed when the number of rotations exceeds the preset upper limit value.
Analog output Output with respect to the displayed rotation values.
  • Output voltage : 0 to 1 V/0 to full scale (full scale : can be set optionally)
    Conversion method : 10-bit D/A conversion
    Linearity : ± 1 %/ full scale
    Output update time : within 50 ms+the time required for one cycle
    Temperature stability : ±0.05 %/full scale / ℃ (span&zero)
    Setting error : ±0.5 % / full scale
    Load resistance : 100 kΩ or more
Monitor output Analog output for monitoring purpose after waveform reshaping of the sensor signal (Analog or monitor output selectable)
  • Load resistance : 100 kΩ or more
Pulse output 1 pulse output per signal detection
  • Output voltage : Hi +4.5 V or more, Lo +0.5 V or less
    Output logic : Positive
    Load resistance : 100 kΩ or more
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 ℃
Storage temperature range −10 to+50 ℃
Voltage AAA alkaline battery (1.5V) x 4 or exclusive AC adapter (PB-7090 : option)
Battery life 32 hours or more (when backlight is OFF) , 8 hours (when backlight is ON)
Low battery alarm indicator A low battery alarm (LOW mark) is displayed when the battery voltage falls below 4.4V.
Outer dimensions 198.5 (L) × 47.5 (H) × 66 (W) mm
Weight Approx. 300 g (including batteries)
Accessory AAA alkaline battery x 4, carrying case


VP-201 / VP-1210
Engine vibration detector
Output cable with BNC connector
AC adapter
HT-0522 / HT-0521B
Magnetic stand/Stand jig




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