This product is discontinued. Replaced by High-sensitivity Low noise TEDS Tri-axial Accelerometer NP-7320N10 (click)

High sensitivity tri-axial Accelerometer
with Built-in Preamplifier



NP-7310 is the accelerometer with built-in preamplifier, and capable of tri–axial directions simultaneous measurement. It is suitable for the low frequency vibration measurement such as ground vibration or floor vibration while operating the machine. NP-7310 can be used with the sensor amplifier unit such as AU-2100, AU-2300 or PS-1300. Also, it is possible to input directly to the analyzer or recorder which the constant current amplifier is built-in such as the FFT Analyzer of DS-2000 series, DS-3000 series, CF-7200A, CF-9000 series or CF-3650/3850 series.



· Ultra high sensitivity enables low frequency vibration measurement

Suitable for low frequency vibration measurement such as floor vibration which is generated at the time of equipment installation.

· Tri-axial simultaneous measurement

Compared to the conventional one-axial measurement, more precise vibration measurement is available. Suitable for the structure analysis of building

· Waterproof type (JIS C0929)/IP66 (JIS F8007)

Enables to use in outside with excellent waterproof performance.

Built-in preamplifier type

Enables to input directly to the unit with built-in constant current amplifier such as DS-2000 series, DS-3000 series, CF-7200A, CF-9000 series and CF-3650/3850 series, etc. It is easy to set, carry and measure at the site.


System configurations

(The signal processing unit and analysis device area in the following figure is linked to each product page.)




Structure Built-in preamplifier, tri-axial shear type
Sensitivity direction Z: vertical  X, Y: horizontal
Sensitivity 100 mV/( m/s2 ) ±2.5%  at 31.5 Hz
Frequency range 0.4 to 100 Hz  ± 2.5 %
0.25 to 200 Hz ± 1 dB
0.1 to 400 Hz  +1dB / -3dB
Lateral direction sensitivity -30 dB or less
Maximum allowable acceleration 35 m/s2
Maximum shock resistance 500 m/s2
Output impedance 100 Ω or less
Capacitive load 20,000 pF max
Power requirement 2.0 to 5.0 mA Constant current drive
Power voltage 15 to 25  V
Detector noise 2.8 µVrms or less (L.P.F = 200 Hz, -24 dB / oct)
(Sensitivity conversion acceleration: 28 µm/s2 (rms)
Environment resistance Waterproof (JIS C 0920-1993), IP66 (JIS F 8007)
(When the cable (accessory) is attached.)

Operating temperature range -10 to 50 ℃
Storage temperature range -20 to 60 ℃ with no condensation
Outer dimensions φ 74 × 38.5 mm (D × H) (Not including protruded section.)
Case material Aluminum, Alumite surface coating
Weight Approx. 500 g
Detector attachment 3-prong adapter (attached to the main unit)
Connector R04-R8M type: Round type 8-pin connector
Standard accessory · Connection cable (0.35 m, already attached to the main unit)
· Cable (5 m)
· NP-0073 signal cable (0.4 m)
· Test Certificate [Sensitivity (31.5 Hz),
Frequency characteristic (1 to 100 Hz and 100 to 400 Hz)




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