This product is discontinued / Replaced by DF-2200 (Click here)

On-Board Digital Flow Meter

DF-210B Flow Meter
DF-211B Extension Unit




DF-210B Flow Meter (upper)
DF-211B Extension Unit (lower)

The DF-210B / DF-211B are small-size, light weight and a low-profile with approx. 3 cm thickness flow meters designed for use on vehicles. The DF-210B measures instantaneous flow and accumulated flow with high resolution at 0.01 l/h in combination with FP-2140H / 2240H Positive-displacement Flow detectors. The DF-211B Extension Unit provides additional function to display the pressure, temperature, and elapsed time on-vehicle measurement. Portable battery box, DF-021A, is provided as an option, which is used to supply power to both units using its internal dry cell in case that the enough power supply is difficult on vehicle.


  • Easy installation on the dashboard of a vehicle, with compact and light weighted design at approx. 3cm thickness at each unit.
  • Ensure high resolution at 0.01 l/h in flow data in combination with the FP-2140H/2240HA
  • The data is stored in memory and protected by the internal battery backup function even though the power is turned off.
  • 2 ways of power operation by DC and battery when the optional battery box (DF-021A) is used
  • Both analogue and pulse output functions are provided as standard.



(Flow Meter)
(Extension Unit *1)

Applicable Flow Detector

FP-213S / FP-213 / FP-2140H / FP-2240HA / FP-215 / FP-2250A / MF-2200 / MF-3200

Measurement Parameters

Instantaneous Flow

Yes N.A.(*5)

Accumulated Flow

Yes N.A

Elapsed Time

N.A. Yes
Temperature N.A. Yes


N.A. Yes


Instantaneous Flow (*2)

5-digit, green LED
000.00 l/h

Accumulated Flow (*2)

7-digit, green LED
000000.0 mL

Elapsed Time

N.A. 7-digit, green LED
00000.00 s
Temperature N.A. 3-digit, green LED
00.0 °C


N.A. 3-digit, green LED
000 kPa
Analog Output Instantaneous Flow (*3) 0 to 10 V/0 to 100 l/h
0 to 10 V/0 to 1000 l/h
Linearity : ±0.5 % of F.S
Temperature N.A. 0 to 10 V/0 to 100 °C
Linearity : ±0.5 % of F.S
Pressure N.A. 0 to 10 V/0 to 980 kPa
Linearity : ±0.5 % of F.S
Pulse Output Flow (*2) 0.01 ml/pulse or 0.1 ml/pulse
TTL level, duty approx. 1:1
Measurement Time Instantaneous Flow every 1s automatically repeated N.A.
Accumulated Flow from start to stop N.A.
Elapsed Time N.A. from start to stop
Data Memory Function (*4) Yes N.A.
Power Requirement 11 to 15 VDC, approx. 4 VA 11 to 15 VDC, approx. 4 VA
Operating Temperature Range 0 to +50 °C 0 to +50 °C
Weight Approx. 1 kg Approx. 1 kg
Accessories DC power cable, 3.5 m ×1 DF-210B&↔ DF-211B
connection cable
(DC power cable, 15 cm,
Cable for remote, 15 cm)

*1 DF-211B is required when the detector, FP-2240HA / 2250H, and MF-2200 / 3200 are used.

*2 Specifications shown in the above table, related to place on a display and pulse output,

are applicable to the detectors; FP-2140H / 2240HA, and MF-2200 / 3200.
When FP-213S / 213 used, specification. described should be multiplied by 0.1. In case of FP-215 / 2250A,

specification. described should be multiplied by 10.

*3 For analog output, specification of 0 to 10 V / 0 to 100 l/h is for FP-213S / 213 / 2140H / 2240HA,and MF-2200 / 3200.
Specification of 0 to 10 V/0 to 1000 l/h is for FP-215 / 2250A.

*4 Accumulated flow values can be stored by the battery backed memory when power off.

*5 N.A.: Not Available.

DF-200 Series Options

name Model Specifications
Battery Box DF-021A Portable power supply box to both the DF-210B / 211B units, operated by dry cell battery.
8 pieces of type SUM2D battery (supplied as standard accessories)
Max operating hours: When alkaline manganese batteries are used
Approx. 8hours (when the DF-210B is used alone)
Approx.4 hours (when the DF-210B and 211A are used together)
Weight: Approx. 1.2 kg(including batteries)
Remote Box DF-022 Remote switch for START·STOP·RESET in measuring accumulated flow.
Thermal Insulation cover
Thermal Insulation cover can prevent exposure to heat generated by the sun when the DF-210B / 211B are mounted on a vehicle’s dashboard.
DF-024 Two units mounting and installation (DF-210B / 211B or DF-210B / 021A)
DF-025 Three units mounting and installation.(DF-210B / 211B / 021A)




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