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46 Lower range for measurable acceleration by Accelerometers
45 Harmonic analysis for voltage/current waveform of AC power supply to know the waveform distortion
44 Differences between Lmax and Lpeak of Sound level meter
43 Basic measurement setting procedure for FFT analysis with FFT analyzer
42 FFT and Time window
41 FFT and frequency resolution
40 How to obtain the average of sound pressure level for the specific interval in OS-2000 series Basic?
39 How to use the calculation function of FFT analysis in DS-3000 series
38 The procedure of FFT time trend analysis in DS-3000 series
37 Can extract the fluctuation frequency of sound by performing 1/3 octave analysis?
36 When recording the calculated data with a sound level meter at short intervals, why the LAeq is higher than the Lmax?
35 The procedure of FFT offline analysis in DS-3000 series
34 Trigger level and Hysteresis
33 How to use DS-3000 series RecordFileViewer?
32 When measuring the line speed with Roller encoder, why is the number of pulses per rotation relevant?
31 A method to check the temporal change by converting the pulse signal into a physical quantity with OS-2000 series
30 Accelerometer and Detector noise
29 How to judge the operating sound? (capturing the signal with post-trigger function)
28 Time constant and leveling
27 Connection of the open collector output with PLC
26 Sound level meter purchased in the past is still valid after the amendment of the provision for the verification test?
25 Charge output type accelerometer and charge amplifier
24 Cautionary notes of non-isolated input circuit (prevention of the fuse blown)
23 Charge output type accelerometer and charge converter
22 Why does the power spectrum scale change depending on measurement and FFT analysis conditions?
21 Calibration of accelerometer using with the vibration calibrator
20 Sound calibration using with calibration signal (for Microphone)
19 Sound calibration using with calibration signals (for Sound Level Meter)
18 AC/DC output of sensor amplifier
17 DC output of Sound level meter
16 AC output of Sound level meter
15 Frequency-axis differential/integral and low frequency noise
14 Time waveform of velocity/displacement