FP-5000 series

Highly accurate mass flow measurement contributes fuel efficiency (CO2 reduction)

While electrification of automobiles has been progressing, many of them are equipped with internal combustion engines. Therefore, it is essential to improve the energy efficiency of internal combustion engines. To develop energy-efficient engines, it is necessary to grasp the amount of input energy with high accuracy. Our mass flow measurement system enables to measure density data in real time and mass flow with high accuracy, which makes the process in various tests simple.



1.Flow detectors: Applicable to alcohol mixed fuel as standard

The FP-5000 series flow detectors are compatible with alcohol mixed fuels which require corrosion resistance as standard to change its material to seal material with strong chemical resistance.

2. Selectable detectors from small to large flow and
    high-speed response measurement at 1 ms

You may select the FP series flow detectors according to your application. The instantaneous flow measurement at transient mode or starting time is available with high-speed output of the FM-3100.

3. Increase higher accuracy in small flow rate

With the use of the FP series volumetric flow detector, the pressure loss of 20 kPa or less (at 60 L/h) is achieved. The detector can be installed with the minimum pressure fluctuations of the flow path. It is suitable for starting test.

4. Compact, light weight, and easy installation

Easy to install with space-saving design, even near engines. The minimum pipe length prevents the fuel temperature change and reduces the error.

Please refer to the case study.

5. Convert Dens function Density
    value corrected by fuel temperature flowing through flow detector

Based on the density and temperature values measured with the Fuel Density Meter, a density value equivalent to the temperature measured with the FP series flow detector ( with the temperature sensor option: EH-0830) can be calculated. Using the Convert Dens function, a more accurate mass flow can be calculated from a density value equivalent to the temperature of fuel flowing into the FP series flow detector.

Application example using the function

System configuration


Case Study

Instantaneous massflow measurement at starting engine

Integrated mass flow rate test during fuel injection by an injector


Response comparison between Exhaust gas analyzer and Massflow measurement system