The FZ-2200A Massflow Meter is Coriolis flow meter that accurately measures the flow of fuels such as gasoline, light oil and kerosene. It is used in combination with the FM-3100 Digital Flow Meter that incorporates the FM-0321 module for the FZ series. The FZ-2200A Massflow Meter is capable of measuring continuous mass flow, making it suitable for the measurement of fuel flow during mode operation, and in-line measurement of fuel density at the same time of mass flow measurement. It can measure fuel consumption from passenger vehicles and medium trucks to large vessels. (As for small flow rate, made to order. Please make sure to check the measurement range when selecting a product.)


Principle of flow measurement

The FZ-2200A Massflow Meter gives characteristic vibration to the tube to cause a motion that corresponds to the angular velocity, generating Coriolis force (Fe). The tube that is generating Coriolis force (Fe) causes its twist that is proportional to the mass flow as shown below. The mass flow is calculated based on the amount of this twist.




Princicle of density measurement

The free vibration frequency of tube in the FZ-2200A Massflow Meter is determined of the spring constant of the tube and the sum of the tube mass and liquid mass in the tube. Thus, the vibration frequency varies depending on the liquid density. From the above, liquid density is measured based on the vibration frequency of the tube.




Continuous massflow measurement with high accuracy

It enables to measure mass flow rate continuously every 100 ms. The measurement range is 1 to 1,090 kg/h, accuracy is within ± 0.1% of reading (27 to 1,090 kg/h).

Accuracy FZ-2200A
Measurement range



Gas such as CNG, LPG measurement (made to order)

Gas also can be measured. Please contact us.

(made to order)



System configuration

For electronic fuel injection gasoline engine

(Uses fuel tank for return processing)


Usable liquid*1 Standard Gasoline, light-oil, kerosene, general petroleum-based hydraulic oil
Alcohol applicable (option) Gasoline, light-oil, kerosene, general petroleum-based hydraulic oil, methanol, ethanol or mixture of alcohol and gasoline
Measurement range Normal Mass Flow 1 to 1,090 kg/h
Normal Volume Flow 1.30 to 1453 L/h at 0.75 g/cm3
Max. Flow 2180 kg/h
Density*2 10 to 1 g/cm3
Temperature*2 10 to 50 °C
Accuracy Flow rate Within ± 0.1% of reading (27 to 1,090 kg/h)
Within ± 0.027 (kg/h) / Flow rate (kg/h) × 100% of reading (1 to 27 kg/h)
Density ± 0.0005 g/cm3
Temperature ± 1 °C ± 0.005 × reading (°C)
Pressure loss   Approx. 0.1 MPa (1,090 kg/h for gasoline), Approx. 0.13 MPa (1,090 kg/h for light oil)
Operating temperature range   -10 to 50 °C (environment temperature, liquid temperature, non-freezing)
Inlet/outlet port   Rc1/2 (when Rc1/2 VCO joint is used)
Maximum operating pressure   10 Mpa
Anti-vibration (turned on)   Acceleration rms value: 7 m/s2
10 - 500 Hz random vibration
1 hour for each direction of 3 axis
Outer dimensions   300(W) X 284(H) X 235(D) mm
Weight   Approx. 9.0 kg
Input power voltage   DC24 V (supplied from the FM-3100 Digital Flowmeter)
Accessories   Instruction manual
Flow signal cable (option)   FZ-0011(5 m)、FZ-0012(10 m)、FZ-0013(20 m)
Applicable flow meter   FM-3100 Digital Flow Meter+ FM-0321 for FZ module
FM-2500A Digital Flow Meter+ FZ-0300A for FZ module
FM-1500 Digital Flow Meter + FZ-0300A for FZ module

*1: CNG, LPG is available. (made to order)
*2: Please consult us, when temperature or density will be exceeding rated range.


Model Product name Remarks
FZ-0011 Flow signal cable 5 m
FZ-2200A FZ-0030A(FM-1500)
FZ-2200A FZ-0030A(FM-2500)
FZ-2200A FM-0321 (FM-3100)
FZ-0012 Flow signal cable 10 m
FZ-0013 Flow signal cable 20 m

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