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User registration The user registration is required for downloading the O-Solution.

O-Solution Login/download Those who has registered can login to download the latest version of the O-Solution and the instruction manual.

O-Solution Support page(Product registration)
You can download the latest version of the O-Solution,instruction manual,setup guide,operationmanual and conversion software.User registration is required first.
*The product EID is required for product registration. The product EID can be found on the license certificate sent by email at the time of purchase.

O-Solution Lite / Viewer function We provide the license free viewer function that anyone can use anywhere after downloading the O-Solution.
You can share the measured data and analysis result with engineers far from the site.

O-Solution trial version The O-Solution trial version is a service that allows you use the license with the basic functions required for acoustic vibration measurement and analysis, such as FFT analysis, for free for one month.