Technical Report

Wire bonder ultrasonic vibration measurement
by laser Doppler vibrometer

A wire bonder is a system that connects wires for electrical conduction between a silicon chip, the core of an IC or LSI, and a lead frame. Currently, the method of using ultrasonic waves is common in wire bonding. Since the state of applying ultrasonic vibration affects the quality of bonding, it has been highlighted as an important parameter.


Bonding method

  • Ball bonding
  • Thermo-compression bonding / Thermosonic bonding
    : Spot welding using heat. Using a gold wire, press and connect applying a constant load, heat, and ultrasonic vibration (when thermosonic bonding) to the wire

  • Wedge bonding
  • Ultrasonic wedge bonding
    : Bonding method by friction welding. Ultrasonic vibration is applied to the aluminum wire with applying a certain load. It is mainly used when manufacturing power modules and automotive ICs.

  • TAB method
  • Flip chip method Etc.

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