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Measurement of Sound and Vibration Around Us

In this column, through conversation between characters, Ken and his father, interesting topics will be easily explained regarding "sound" and "vibration", which are familiar to us in our daily life.

If this column helps you to clear your cloud or solve your questions, it would be much appreciated.

Ken is in the first grade at junior high school. His father is an engineer working at the company for measuring and analyzing the sound and vibration. Here shall we start the topics of noise in a condominium which is one of the most familiar matter to many of us?

1 Sound at apartment - No.1 Floor impact sound
2 Sound at apartment - No.2 Air-borne-sound and structure-borne-sound
3 Sound at apartment - No.3 Sound isolation of window sash
4 Spectral masking
5 Temporal masking
6 Analog and digital
7 Sound diffraction
8 Doppler Effect
9 Absolute pitch
10 Music Hall Sound
11 Design of sound
12 Pascal and decibel
13 Octave
14 Equitempered scale and harmonic overtone
15 Cocktail party phenomenon
16 NAKIRYU (Crying dragon)
17 Fluctuation Sound
18 Sound direction
19 Binaural Effect
20 Soundscape
21 Sound of Hybrid Car
22 Sound and Brain
23 Mosquito Sound
24 Neighborhood Noise
25 Insect Noise
26 Sound Signal of Stations
27 Beat of sound
28 Difference Tone
29 Refraction of Sound and Wave
(Reason Why Cape Is Especially Dangerous when a Tsunami Comes)
30 Whispering Gallery
31 Sound Speed (Why sound travels fast through iron?)
32 Seismic Wave
33 Volume of Sound
34 Noise Reduction and Sound Design of Products
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