Drive-train test system
Power-train transient test system

Performance/endurance test system


This system is suitable for engine drive test or transaxle test of HEV/EV in combination with the real-time model calculation by the measurement/control panel and low inertial motor. Simulation test of an actual vehicle running condition can be executed by modeling a real tires or an engine. The tires and vehicles are modeled by MATLAB® / Simulink®, so they can be evaluated under various conditions by changing parameters or replacing models.



Test examples

Starting test: sudden start, slope start, low friction test road start etc.

Running test: shift change, high load, high speed test, rough road etc.

Various tests including slip-grip, derailing can be performed in combination of test patterns.

Measurement system(Block diagram)



System Configuration

  Model name Product name Remarks


(Flexible Automatic Measuring System-release 5)

Measurement and control board  
2 Bench test support application Bench test support application for FAMS-R5  
3   Robot controller for bench  
4   Throttle actuator  
5 TQ-2000 Torque meter  
6 FP-4135

On-board Volumetric Flow Detector

7 DF-2200 On-board Flow Meter  
8   Temperature control device  



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