Ignition pulse detector



High-sensitive ignition pulse detector for gasoline engines



Product Photo(IP-3100 Ignition pulse detector)

Photo (clampng example)

clamping example
*The real color of the IP-3100 is black.

The IP-3100 enables ignition pulse detection of gasoline engines with high sensitivity. The rotation speed can be easily measured by clamping the primary side cord (low voltage), the secondary side cord (high voltage), and current cable of the electronic distributor. The IP-3100 is used with the tachometer made by Ono Sokki.


  • Increasing the sensitivity enables to use for gasoline engines which was difficult to detect.
  • Also can clamp to the secondary side cord (high voltage) by improvement of opening section.
    (The cable up to φ10 mm can be clamped.)
  • Easy to handle the cable by changing cable material
  • Easy to use with one-touch clamping
  • High reliability with the heat-resistant structure (+120 °C)

Overview specification

Detection method Detection by amorphous metal fiber elements
Applicable engine 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engine
Point of clamping Primary side cord (low voltage), secondary side cord (high voltage), current cable of the electronic distributor
Maximum diameter of usable cable max Φ10 mm
Output signal Pulse signal
Singal cable Heat-resistant (120 °C) signal cable: approx. 4.9 m (directly-attached cable), with BNC connector at the cable end.
Operating temperature range -40 to +120 °C
Storage temperature range -50 to +120 °C
Outer dimensions 13.0 (W) × 33.0 (H) × 60.0 (D) mm
weight Approx. 130 g (including signal cable)

*There is a possibility to cause unstable measurements or inaccurate detection depending on the engine type.
  For more details, please contact your nearest distributor or send us an e-mail. overseas@ONO SOKKI.co.jp

Applicable tachometer (option)

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Digital Engine Tachometer
Analog Engine Tachometer
Gasoline Engine Tachometer

Product Photo (CT-6520 Universal Engine Tachometer)

Product Photo (AR-7240B Analog Engine Tachometer)

Product Photo (SE-1620 Gasoline Engine Tachometer)

    Analog output
    Pulse output
    Contact output
    CAN output (option)
    Compact, high response, with trigger assist function

Provided the automatic full scale switching function (low or high speed range)

Equipped with upper and lower limit alarm output

Measurement range: 400 to 10,000 r/min

Easy reading owing to 100 mm wide angle meter

Two types of output (analog and pulse) as standard

Applicable to 2-cycle (1 to 4 cylinders) and 4-cycle (1 to 6, 8, 10, 12 cylinders) gasoline engines

Measurement range: 500 to 20,000 r/min

12 V/24 VDC of power operation

Handheld Digital Tachometer
Advanced Tachometer

Product Photo (HT-6100 Handheld Digital Tachometer)

Product Photo (FT-2500 Advanced Tachometer)


Built- in memory function enables to save 20 data max.

Possible to count the cumulated number

Two types of output (analog and pulse) as standard

Large and easy-to-see LCD with backlight

FFT calculation at 1024 points

Input frequency 3.75 to 10 kHz (3-range switching)

Can be measured easily from direct signal of sound or vibration.

Can be used for measurement of rotating speed fluctuation and acceleration/deceleration.

Three types of output (analog/pulse/RS232C) as standard





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