Real car transient test system
(RealCar Simulation Bench)


Real car transient test system


This system is suitable for transient test of actual vehicle in combination with the real-time model calculation by the measurement/control panel and low inertial motor. By replacing the wheel of the actual vehicle with the tire type bearing, the axle shaft is taken out to the outside of the vehicle and connected to the low inertia motor. It can be reproduced the sliding motion which the chassis dynamometer cannot be realized. Also, since the longitudinal force is not occurred in the vehicle, the vehicle restraint can be simplified and the behavior such as shift shock can be reproduced on the bench.

Measurement system


Measurement system

System configuration

  Model name Product name Remarks
(Flexible Automatic Measuring System-release )
Measurement and control board  
2 Bench test support application Bench test support application for FAMS-R5  



Measurement data examples

NV consulting

Although the internal vehicle noise of the HEV and EV is reduced compared to the gasoline car, the narrow-band high-frequency sound radiated from the motor or inverters becomes a problem. However, it is difficult to accurately measure this high-frequency noise due to road noise, wind noise, etc. while driving a car. Therefore, by using the RC-S that can be measured without being affected by road noise or wind noise, the characteristic small noise generated from EV can be checked.



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