Drive-train test system

Performance/endurance test system


This system is suitable for vehicle drive test with only the transmission unit in combination with the real-time model calculation by the measurement/control panel and low inertial motor. Simulation test of an actual vehicle running condition can be executed by modeling engines, tires or vehicles other than transmission. The engines, tires and vehicles are modeled by MATLAB® / Simulink®, so they can be evaluated under various conditions by changing parameters or replacing models.


Test examples 

Starting test: sudden start, slope start, low friction test road start etc.
Running test: shift change, high load, high speed test, rough road etc.


Various tests including slip-grip, derailing can be performed in combination of test patterns.

Measurement system


System Configuration

  Model name Product name Remarks


(Flexible Automatic Measuring System-release 5)

Measurement and control board  
2 Bench test support application Bench test support application for FAMS-R5  



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