Achieves high accurate mass flow measurement with a new fuel density meter and volumetric flow detector

By connecting with the FM-3100 Digital Flow Meter, the FD-5110 Fuel Density Meter can measure temperature and density data in real time. In addition, the FP series Volumetric Flow Detectors with wide range ability and the FD-5110 are the best choice for achieving the accurate mass flow measurement.


1.Achieves low pressure loss and high accuracy in small flow rate


With the use of the FP series volumetric flow detector, the pressure loss of 20 kPa or less (at 60 L/h) is achieved. The detector can be installed with the minimum pressure fluctuations of the flow path. Compared to the FZ-2200A, the measurement accuracy in the low flow range is improved. Thus, it is ideal for starting test.

2.Compact and light weight system


Compact and space-saving design. (50 % size reduction compared to the existing model.)

Instantaneous massflow measurement at starting engine

3.Applicable to various volumetric flow detectors


Achieve various mass flow measurements selecting a volumetric flow detector from small to large flow.

4.Makes the procedures in mode and performance tests simple


Depending on the area and installation location, various factors such as fuel type and density are varied. Ono Sokki's mass flow measurement system does not require the troublesome density data input etc. with real-time density measurement and mass conversion.

System configuration

In combination with the FP-5000 series Volumetric Flow Detector


Measurement items   Density, temperature
Usable liquid   Gasoline/ kerosene/ diesel oil/ heavy oil A/ engine oil/ common petroleum hydraulic oil/ methanol/ ethanol/ mixture of alcohol and gasoline/ brake oil, etc.
Measurement range   0.5000 to 2.0000 g/cm 3
Minimum resolution   0.0001 g/cm3
Measurement accuracy Density
±0.0010 g/cm3(Light oil, Cleansol HS at 20 ℃)
±0.1 ℃
Operating temperature range   +10 to+65 ℃ (liquid temperature)
−10 to+50 ℃ (ambient temperature)
Dimension   60 × 60 × 176 mm
Weight   約1.5 kg
Power   DC5 V 60 mA (supplied by FM-3100)
Conforming standard   EMC Directive 2014/30/EU Standard EN61326-1 ClassA Group1
RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Standard EN50581
Inlet/outlet port   Rc 3/8
Accessory   Instruction manual
Cable   Optional FD-0011(5 m), FD-0012(10 m), FD-0013(15 m)
Applicable flow meter   Digital flow meter FM-3100 / FM-0311


model name
EH-0711 Mounting fixture For FD-5110
FD-0011 Density signal cable 5 m For connecting with FM-3100(FM-0311)
FD-0012 Density signal cable 10 m For connecting with FM-3100(FM-0311)
FD-0013 Density signal cable 15 m For connecting with FM-3100(FM-0311)



Lsat update:2021/09/15