This is a signal conversion box to convert 2-phase signals (TTL) from the linear gauge sensor GS/BS series into open - collector (DG-0010) or line driver (DG-0020) .

This conversion box allows direct connection with the PLC *. It can also be transmitted over long distances.

*PLC (programmable controllers)


Compact (23(W) × 29(H) × 108(L) mm) and can be mounted on a control panel using DIN rail.

*DIM rail mounting kit is prepared by customer.
*Din rail: CKD-80 32/35 mm, made by TAKACHI ELECTRONICS ENCLOSURE CO., LTD



Example of connection


Click here to see the output circuit and PLC wiring examples ( PDF)


Precautions for usage when the DG-0010/0020 is connected with PLC.

  • Output of the linear gauge sensor is pulse signal of 4 µm ( 1µm resolution ) 40 µm ( 10 µm resolution ).
    In order to read in 1 µm, 10 µm unit, the followings are required for the PLC side
    * Power supply (5 V, 100 mA) for a linear gauge sensor is supplied from DG-0010/0020.

What is needed for PLC side

- 4-multiplying function
- Output voltage (for signal conversion box :DC12 to 24V (120 mA / 12V)

  • When the cable between DG-0020 and PLC exceeds 30m or more

Cable Material: D5 cable (composite 5-core vinyl cable) should be changed into R6 (twisted pair).
(MX-700/7100 series uses D5.) This is the countermeasure to reduce the noise influence caused by long distance signal transmission.


Model name

(Open collector output)

( Line driver output)

Applicable Gauge Sensors GS/BS series linear gauge sensor ( excluding GS-3800 series)
Input Section
Amplification shape format 2-channel waveform shaped
Signal waveform 90-degree phase difference signals in square wave
Input level Hi level 3 to 5.25 V
Lo level 0 to 1.4 V
Input impedance Approx. 47 kΩ
Frequency range DC to 300 kHz (when the sensor made by Ono Sokki is used.)
Connector Receptacle R03-R6F
Applicable connector Plug R03-PB6M or R04-PB6M (waterproof type)
Power supply for linear gauge sensor DC 5 V 100 mA (supplied to sensor)
Output Section
Output format Open collector output Line driver output
Withstand voltage Max 30 V -
Residual voltage 1 V or less -
Output voltage Hi level - +2.5 V or more
Lo level - +0.5 V or less
Connector Receptacle R03-R6M
Applicable connector Plug R03-PB6F
General Specification
Power supply Power voltage DC 12 to 24 V
Current consumption 80 mA ( DC 12 V ) 120 mA ( DC 12 V )
Operating environment Operating temperature range 0 to 40 ℃
Storage temperature range -10 to 55 ℃
Outer dimensions 23( W)×29( H)×108( L) mm
Weight Approx. 100 g
Options Approx. 1.9 m


Output cable
·MX-7105( 5 m)
·MX-7110( 10 m)
·MX-7115( 15 m) List of signal cable fot tachometer
·MX-7120( 20 m)
Others: Unilateral crimp terminal

Extension cable (for sensor)
·AA-8801( 5 m)
·AA-8802( 10 m) List of signal cable fot tachometer
·AA-8803( 20 m)
·AA-8804( 30 m)



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