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High Function Sound Level Meter

( Class 2 /Class 1 /Class 1)


Product Photo(LA-3000 series)


These sound level meters were designed with an emphasis on “measuring while listening to sound” in addition to the original features of measurement and calculation. By adding various options, the LA-3000 can be upgraded to an analyzer, a recorder, and a comparator, performing more than just a sound level meter.
You can check the proper recording of data and the condition of the object via headphones, and see the analysis waveform on the large easy-to-see screen in order to carry out reliable measurement confidently at a site that does not permit any failure.
Measurement, recording, analysis, and checking can be performed by a single item of equipment, thereby improving the measurement efficiency substantially.

For more detailed analysis, analysis software made by Ono Sokki is useful such as waveform analysis, sound quality evaluation, or fluctuation sound analysis.
LA-3570 Class 1 (high sensitivity type) Suitable for measuring small sounds in a sound insulating box or similar environment etc.
LA-3560 Class 1 (wide band type) Suitable for making measurements across the entire audible range
LA-3260 Class 2 Suitable for measuring environmental noise up to 8 kHz


  • 3.5-inch large easy-to-see screen
  • Direct keys for easy operation
  • Wide linearity range of 110 dB, no need of range switching
  • Quad-channel screen (Up to four different sound level calculation results can be displayed simultaneously.)
  • Enables to measure while listening, and record the sound under measurement
  • Adding options can upgrade the models into higher performance device to serve as an analyzer, a recorder, and a sound comparator. Measurement, recording, analysis and judgment all with the same device
  • Conforms to IEC 61672-1, JIS C1509-1

Illustration (Measurement screen formats(example), Easy display selection, Two outputs possible at a time, Auto memory)

Illustration (LA-3000 series Rear panel)


LA-3570 LA-3560 LA-3260 (Discontinued)
Applying standard IEC 61672-1: 2002 Class 1
JIS C 1509-1: 2005 Class 1
IEC 61672-1: 2002 Class 2
JIS C 1509-1: 2005 Class 2
Measurement range (IEC, JIS) A:22 to 130 dB
C:28 to 130 dB
Z:36 to 130 dB
A:27 to 140 dB
C:32 to 140 dB
Z:38 to 140 dB
A:26 to 140 dB
C:30 to 140 dB
Z:36 to 140 dB
Intrinsic noise A:14 dB or less
C:20 dB or less
Z:28 dB or less
A:19 dB or less
C:24 dB or less
Z:30 dB or less
A:20 dB or less
C:24 dB or less
Z:30 dB or less
Frequency range (IEC, JIS) 10 Hz to 15 kHz 10 Hz to 20.0 kHz 10 Hz to 8.0 kHz
Microphone MI-1211
1/2-inch bias type
1/2-inch electret type
1/2-inch electret type

Sensitivity level
(re. 1 V/Pa)

-20 dB ± 1.5 dB -29 dB ± 3 dB -29 dB ± 3 dB
Microphone preamplifier MI-3310 MI-3230
Linearity range Wide range: 110 dB / Normal range: 80 dB
Level range 7 ranges
20 to120 dB / 50 to 120 dB / 40 to 110 dB / 30 to 100 dB / 20 to 90 dB / 10 to 80 dB / 0 to 70 dB
7 ranges
30 to 130 dB / 60 to 130 dB / 50 to 120 dB / 40 to 110 dB/
30 to 100 dB / 20 to 90 dB / 10 to 80 dB
Reference range 50 to 120 dB
Time weighting F(fast) , S(slow), I(impluse), 10 ms
Frequency weighting A,C and Z
Measurement items Lp, Leq, LE, Lpeak, Lmax, Lmin,
LN ( L5, L10, L50, L90, L95, LLO,LHI, LAV and two more any LN data)
Sampling interval 15.6 μs (Lp, Leq, LE, Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak), 100 ms (LN)
Measurement (calculation) time Manual (0 sec), user-specified setup: 0.1 to 199 hr. 59 min. 59.9 sec.
Total time 0 sec. to 199 hr. 59 min. 59.9 sec. resolution: 0.1sec
Interval time 1 min to 24 hr. resolution: 1 min
Start mode Manual start, timer start, count down start, level start, external control (shunts the external control terminal)
Dual mode function Provided as standard (simultaneous measurement of 2 kinds selected from 3 conditions of frequency weighting x 4 conditions of time weighting)
Quad mode function Provided as standard (simultaneous measurement of 4 kinds selected from 3 conditions of frequency weighting x 4 conditions of time weighting)
Display device 3.5” LCD with white backlight
Digital display 4-digit / resolution 0.1 dB / updated every 1s
Bar indicator Wide range: 100 dB of display range / Normal range: 70 dB of display range
Remaining battery level display 4-step display
Memory function Stored in an SD/SDHC card (SDHC card: up to 32 GB is available)
  Mode MANUAL, AUTO (instantaneous value, calculated value), RECORD (WAVE file, 64 kHz sampling…required for the LA-0354), LOGG10, LOGG100
Panel condition memory Panel Condition (SD/SDHC), power off memory
Basic measurent mode 5 modes (EZ1:LAeq + LCpeak / EZ2: Record / EZ3: Logging 100 ms / EZ4: NC /
EZ5: Loudness (under construction)
Clock function Built-in (Year / month / day / hour / minute)
retention time of content: approx.5 years (charging time: 24 hours from entirely discharge state)
Backup function Stores measurement conditions into the built-in memory
Calibration signal Electronic calibration by the built-in transmitter (1 kHz sine wave)
Wide-range: -16 dB of full-scale / Normal range: -6 dB of full-scale
Recommended calibrator SC-2500,SC-3120 SC-2500,SC-3120,SC-2110A
Phone output
(headphone output)
Actual sound or recorded sound (playback sound)
*Selected 1 band of actual sound or recorded sound (playback sound) by 1/1 or 1/3 filter mode when the option (LA-0351/0352) is installed.
Maximum output: 10mW (63Ω :at 1kHz) connector:stereo3.5Φ
AC Output

Outputs one of A, C, or Z interlocked with the main display, update interval: 15.6 μs

  AC Output level Output level: 0.707 Vrms ±5% (normal range), 2.234 Vrms ±5% (wide range)
Output impedance 50 Ω±2%, load resistance 10 kΩ or more, offset voltage ±10mV or less
AC / DC output Selectable from DC, AC-Z or Through
  DC output level 2.5V ±20 mV (normal range), 2.5 V±10 mV (wide range), Scale factor 0.25 V ±10 mV/10dB

AC-Z output level

Output level: 0.707 Vrms ±5% (normal range), 2.234 Vrms ±5% (wide range)
Output impedance 50 Ω±2%, load resistance 10 kΩ or more, offset voltage ±10mV or less

Through output level

0.707 Vrms ±5% (normal range, wide range)
Output impedance 50 Ω±2%, load resistance 10 kΩ or more, offset voltage ±10mV or less
Comparator output Outputs the status in open collector signal after comparing the setup value with the calculated value.(required for the LA-0355)
External control input Operation: Reset and start
Control voltage: non-voltage contact input
Input pulse width: 200 ms or more
Absolute max. input voltage: 24.0V
Interlocking on/off function
with an external power supply
The main unit is activated automatically when the power is supplied from an AC adapter. (required for
the LA-0357)
*When this function is installed, the LA-3000 series does not operate on battery power.
Interface RS-232C Baud rate: 9600, 115200 bps, AX-5022 cable (sold separately)

Compliant with USB storage class specification ver.1.1,
USB connection cable :USB (A) male-USB(mini-B 5-pin) male (sold separately)

External memory SD/SDHC memory card (SDHC card: up to 32 GB is available)
Microphone extension*1 103 m (CE marking compliant: up to 30 m)
Power supply Type AA battery (alkaline battery cell or rechargeable battery cell) x 4 pieces or AC adapter (PB-7090 power consumption: approx. 7 VA when at 100VAC )
Battery life (continuous use)*2 LR6 alkaline battery cell: approx. 8 hours
Ni-MH secondary battery: approx. 8 hours
Operating (storage)
temperaature range
-10 to 50 °C (20 to 60 °C)
Operating (storage)
humidity range
22 to 90 % RH (10 to 90 %RH) with no condensation
Outer dimensions Approx. 379 (H) x 106 (W)
x 49.3 (D) mm
Approx. 311 (H) x 106 (W) x 49.3 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 680 g (including batteries) Approx. 630 g (including batteries)
Accessories AC adapter (PB-7090), signal cable (AX-501), windscreen (Φ70 mm), hand strap, alkaline type AA battery x 4 pieces, carrying case (including shoulder belt), SD memory card (1 GB), instruction manual
Please use a recommended SD card when you use an optional function. For more details about the recommended SD card, please contact your nearest distributor or send an e-mail (overseas@ONO to us.
*1.The described value is extendable length when the exclusive cable is used.
*2. It depends on the using status such as operation mode, memory mode, and backlight.

Optional functions

LA-0351 1/1 Real-time Octave Analysis Function (Filter 1/1, RTA 1/1 mode)
LA-0352 1/3 Real-time Octave Analysis Function
(Filter 1/3, RTA 1/3 mode)

Overview ● Filter 1/1, Filter 1/3 mode
<The use of headphones helps to perform sound source probing of a specific sound, such as an unusual noise.>

In Filter1 mode, you can make level evaluations in a single frequency band. By focusing solely on a particular frequency band in which a specific unusual noise occurs and measuring the sound pressure level, you can find where the noise is coming from (sound source probing). While wearing the headphones, you can listen to the sounds only in the frequency band you selected. At this time, switchover to level display or trend display is also possible.

● RTA 1/1, RTA 1/3 mode
<Useful for evaluating frequency components when there is abnormal noise.>

By dividing a sound in terms of pitch (into frequency bands), this feature helps to analyze in which pitch (frequency band) characteristic features has, as well as for making detailed comparisons.

Data display sample (LA0351/0352, Filter 1/1 mode)
Filter 1/1 mode


Data display sample (LA0351/0352, RTA 1/1 mode)
RTA 1/1 mode


Data display sample (LA0351/0352, RTA 1/3 mode)
RTA 1/3 mode


Applying standard IEC 61260: 1995 Class1
JIS C1513: 2002 Class1
JIS C1514: 2002 Class1
Analysis mode Octave filter analysis mode,
real-time octave analysis mode
Analysis band 16 Hz to 16 kHz 11 bands (1/1 octave)
12.5 Hz to 20 kHz 33 bands (1/3 octave)
Measurement items ●Octave filter analysis mode: Lp, Leq, LE, Lmax, Lmin, LN of a selected band filter and AP
●Real-time octave analysis mode: Lp, Leq, LE, Lmax, Lmin, LN of a selected band filter and AP1, AP2, NC value (1/1 octave only, displayed on RTA screen)
Specifying the frequency weighting and time weighting ●Octave filter analysis mode: each for BP (band-pass) and AP (all-pass)
●Real-time octave analysis mode: each for AP1+its each frequency band, and AP2.
Display format ●Octave filter analysis mode: numerical value (BP, AP), list
●Real-time octave analysis mode: bar graph (values for a selected band, AP1 and AP2 are included in the frequency axis), list
Overwriting display function “Stored dataEand “Measurement-in-progress dataEbr> (real-time octave analysis mode only)

LA-0353 FFT Analysis Function

Overview <Suitable for analyzing impulse sound>

Adding the FFT analysis function makes it possible to perform narrow-band analysis, not only with the magnitude of sound but also with its pitch (frequency).
An averaging function is effective for analysis of stationary sound by making waveforms stable. Moreover, the use of a trigger function makes it possible to capture impulse sounds. A window function serves as a rectangular window function automatically when a trigger is set, thereby making it easy for the user to make measurements in a user-transparent manner. By virtue of 64 kHz sampling, 25 kHz wide range analysis is also possible. Pressing the DISP key displays peak list.

Data display (LA-0353, FFT Analysis)


The number of analysis lines 400 lines
X-axis enlargement function x1, x2, x4
Frequency range 1 kHz, 2.5 kHz, 5 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz
Search function Provided high-speed movement search cursor function
Calculation items Instantaneous value, power averaging
Waveform averaging function SUM (power summation averaging),
MAX hold, EXP
Trigger type Internal trigger (mode: repeat)
Trigger target LP (instantaneous) value with the following conditions;

Frequency weighting: Set on the main screen
Time weighting :10 ms fixed
Trigger position Fixed 64 pre-trigger points
Window function Hanning / rectangular
(Trigger off: hanning / trigger on: rectangular)
Display (frequency axis) Trigger off: each frequency band, OA and
AP (AVE off: Lp / AVE on*: Leq or Lmax)
Trigger on: each frequency band, OA, AP(Lp)
Peak list: Top 10 points
*depending on the setting of AVE on mode
Memory mode Manual

LA-0354 Sound Recording Function

Overview <This function can make on-site recording to an SDHC card, and also enables to check those recordings on the sound level meter.>

It becomes possible to record any unusual sounds that you may hear on site into an SD/SDHC card in WAVE format. And since you can play back those recordings on the sound level meter, you can check that recordings have been made without fail on site.
You can also save trend data at the same time by allowing the playback of long-duration data recordings. With instantaneous display of this data at the time of reproduction, you can quickly find a large sound and start playing back from that point in time.
*The OS-2000 series (option) is useful for off-line analysis of recorded sound data.


Stored data

Non-compressed (WAVE format) audio data

Frequency range AP / specified band (in filter mode only)
File format WAVE
Frequency weighting Z-weighting
Sampling 64 kHz
The number of audio data bits 16 bit or 24 bit
Reference Lp data Type: Lp values of non-compressed audio data
File format: CSV
Sampling: 1 second
Simultaneous storing Enables simultaneous storing with the auto memory function (with some restriction on settings).
Storage media

SD/SDHC card, up to 32 GB of memory (The maximum file size is 2 GB)
*Up to 4 hours of recording is possible with 2 GB in 16-bit format.
 (Up to 3 hours with 2 GB in 24-bit format)
*OS-2000 series: 16/24-bit
  DS series         : 16-bit in WAVE format, 16/24-bit in ORF format

Recording mode
Recording starts/stops in step with measurement. A single file is created for the duration of total measurement time. (Unless otherwise specified, same as measurement time.)
A recording takes place only for a length of time during which a sound level exceeds a threshold. Every time it exceeds a threshold, a single file is newly created.
Pre-recording function

Recording begins one second before the start of each recording operation.(This function is operative in level-start or threshold-activated recording mode.)

Playback function

Outputs trend data updated every second
Phone output

LA-0355 Comparator Function

Overview <Possible to make OK/NG judgment on products>

To allow creation of a system with other equipment on a production line, you can make settings for hold time and delay time of output signal.


Available item Lp, Leq, LE, Lmax, Lpeak
Judgment hold time 0.1 s, 0.2 s, 0.5 s, 1 s, 5 s, 10 s, 30 s, manual
Delay time setting OFF, 10 ms, 100 ms, 1 s, 2 s, 3 s, 5 s, 10 s
Output Open collector output (OFF / positive logic / negative logic)

LA-0356 Data Logging Function

Overview <Enables to store instantaneous values in CSV format at short time intervals.>

Instantaneous values can be stored into an SD/SDHC card in CSV format.


Storing interval 10 ms, 100 ms
Available item Lp (instantaneous value)
Simultaneous storing Enables simultaneous storing with the auto memory function. (with some restriction on settings)

LA-0357 Interlocking on/off function with an external power supply

Overview <Interlocking on/off function with an external power supply>

A power supply on/off of the sound level meter is interlocked with a main power supply of production lines. Combined use with the comparator function is useful to build devices for OK/NG judgment in production lines.


When power is supplied from an AC adapter, a main unit of the sound level meter starts up automatically. When a power is shut off, a main unit of the sound level meter turns off. A power switch on the main unit remains operative.

*When this function is installed, the sound level meter does not operate on battery power.

LA-0358 Loudness Calculation Function

Overview <Evaluations based on sound characteristics and auditory sense>

As for noise level evaluations, there are cases when measurement results are not in tune with the auditory sense of the human ear. In such cases, evaluation using loudness values, which is one of the indexes of sound quality evaluation, becomes a highly effective tool. Loudness calculation is an index used for evaluating the sound quantity of human perception in accordance with DIN 45631*. (The LA-0358 loudness calculation function is designed to work on stationary sounds. The OS-2000 series is useful for the Loudness calculation of the non-stationary loudness.)

Applicable model: LA-3560, LA-3570

Lower measurement range: LA-3560 (46dB or less, Lzeq)
LA-3570 (40dB or less, Lzeq)

*DIN = Deutsches Institut fur Normung / DIN 45631 = DIN standard for calculation of loudness
Data display (LA-0358 Loudness Calculation Function)

SC-3120 Sound calibrator (Class 2)/ SC-2500 Sound calibrator (Class 1)/ SC-2120A Sound calibrator (Class 2)


The SC-3120, SC-2500 and SC-2120A are sound calibrators which are indispensable for sound measurement, conforming to JIS C1515:2004 and IEC 60942:2003.
The SC-3120 is Class 1/C piston-phone type and outputted sound pressure at 250 Hz and 114 dB.
The SC-2500 is Class 1 type sound calibrator with 1000 Hz and 114 dB output. It uses the sound pressure feedback control method to control fluctuations in sound pressure caused by static pressure to generate a stable sound pressure even if the operating environment changes. SC-3120 and SC-2500 are recommended sound calibrator for LA-3260/3560/3570.
The SC-2120A is Class 2 speaker type sound calibrator with 1 kHz and 94 dB output.

AG-3400 series Extension cable for microphone (compliant to CE marking)

Overview Extension cable between a microphone section and a main unit of the sound level meter.

Illustration (AG-3400 series Extension cable for microphone)

*Compliant to CE marking up to 30 m
AG-3401 (5m)
AG-3402 (10m)
AG-3403 (20m)
AG-3404 (30m)

AX-501 Output cable

Overview A cable for AC/DC signal output, comparator output, and external control signal input. Used for connection to an FFT analyzer, a data recorder, a PC or a PLC. (2 m)
Illustration (AX-501 series output cable)

AX-5022 RS-232C cable


IF cable for connecting the LA-1441/4441 and PC (RC-232 connector). (2m)

Illustration (AX-5022 RS-232C cable)

LA-0203D Tripod for the sound level meter


This is Ono Sokki’s standard tripod for use with our sound level meter. The maximum height is 161.5 cm and minimum height can be reduced to less than 10 cm by reversing the tripod and attaching the center pole to the sound level meter. (SPLINT PROⅡ GM made by SLIK Corporation)

Illustration (LA-0203 Tripod for the sound level meter)

PB-7090 AC Adapter


Input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz Output voltage: 5.9 VDC
Output connector: EIAJ RC-5320A (DC3.15V to 6.3V)
Rated output current: 3.5 A Total length: 3.5 m

*Please specify the input voltage of the AC adapter
  depending on your usage.

Illustration (PB-7090 AC adapter)

DPU-414 RS-232C Thermal printer


Interface printer with RS-232C connector. Enables manual printing, auto printing and memory printing are possible.
Connection cable (AX-5042) between the LA-3000 series and the printer is provided as standard accessory.

Options (sold separately)
 · AC adapter PW-C0725-W1-U (100-240 VAC)
 · Recording paper CX-050B (30m/roll, 10 rolls/box)

Illustration (DPU-414 RS-232C Thermal printer)

OS-2000 series Time series analysis software


●Waveform Analysis
By reading in a WAVE file, you can perform various off-line analyses. By using an IIR filter (option), you can listen to the sound coming out of the filter while playing back a recorded sound.


DS-3000 series Data Station


●FFT, 1/N octave analysis software
By reading in WAVE data derived from the LA-3000 series, FFT analysis, 1/N octave analysis and similar analysis can be performed on-line. For example, a non-stationary signal can be analyzed in detail in 2-axis (time and frequency) color map.

●As a signal source to the DS-3000
Real-time analysis can be performed by using analog output from the LA-3000 series in place of a microphone. Since the LA-3000 series can output two kind of signals (A-weighting and Z-weighting) simultaneously, both signals can be analyzed at the same time by the DS-3000 series.

Measurement Example of the LA-3000 series

Measuring small sound generated from a motor by using the LA-3000 series sound level meter

Illustration (Measurement Example of the LA-3000 series)

This application shows how to measure small sound generated from parts such as a motor or a pump. For the measurement, the high sensitivity sound level meter and an anechoic chamber or a sound insulating room are required.

The LA-3570 is the sound level meter with high sensitivity which can measure a small sound of a minimum of 22 dB. By using an extension cable between microphone and the main unit of the sound level meter, you can check the sound level on the monitor out of the sound insulating box etc. Also the sound can be heard via headphones during the measurement. This application using the LA-3570 enables simultaneous checking of sound by both visual and hearing simultaneously.

Furthermore, adding optional functions allows more effective analysis. The LA-0352 real-time octave analysis function greatly helps to analyze the sound in details by measuring and hearing the only focused range. The LA-0354 sound recording function can record and replay the sound on the sound level meter. Even at the measurement site, you can make sure easily whether the sound is really recorded.

The LA-3570 helps to find solutions to problems of products caused by sound and vibration such as finding the cause of abnormal sound, reducing noise, checking wearing parts.

Model Product name
Class 1 sound level meter
LA-0352 Real-time octave analysis software
LA-0354 Sound recording software
AG-3400 series Microphone extension cable




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