Noise detection of motor

This application shows how to find defective motor by detecting low level noise (buzzing, humming etc) in the motor sound. Finding features in low level noise via FFT analysis requires some skills. The OS-2760 fluctuation sound analysis pack enables you to figure out the features clearly such as frequency or fluctuation period cycle of the noise.


  Model name Product name Remarks
1 OS-2760 Fluctuation sound analysis pack It consists of the OS-2700 and plug-in options including fluctuation sound analyzer.
2 DS-3204 Data Station 4-ch basic set
3 MI-1235 1/2-inch Measurement microphone Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Maximum sound pressure level: 140 dB
4 MI-3111 Microphone preamplifier for the MI-1234 Frequency range:10 Hz to 20 kHz
Internal noise:-22.3 μVrms or less (at FLAT)
4 MX-105 Signal cable (option) 5 m
MX-110 10 m

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