Vibration test analysis of inverter board

In this application, the natural vibration is obtained by performing sine sweep of the exciter using internal signal from an exciter controller.


Sweep excitation using an exciter is one of the methods to measure natural frequencies of parts etc.


<Setting example>
When setting the controller of exciter: acceleration 30 m/s2, 10 Hz to 200 Hz sine sweep     


Measure the frequency response function of vibration of excitation table and acceleration of the parts with “sweep averaging” function of the DS-3000 series data station.


The frequency sweep time should be taken long so that the change in the frequency is as small as possible (from several minutes to several ten minutes.)


If the frequency range is low, measurement takes time. And the excitation frequency of the exciter and the sampling of the DS-3000 series is asynchronous measurement.


* Depending on the shape of the measurement target etc., multiple peaks may occur.   
<Further analysis>
① The calculation of damping ratio by half-width method is also available.
② Furthermore, integration function enables to display and evaluate these items:
     Velocity/force (mobility)
     Displacement/force (compliance)
     Force/acceleration (dynamic mass)
     Force/velocity (mechanical impedance)
     Force/displacement (dynamic rigidity)



  Model name Product name Remarks Number
1 DS-3000 series Data station ◆ DS-3204 4ch main unit
◆ DS-0321 FFT analysis function
◆ DS-0322 Tracking analysis function
◆ DS-0350 Recording function
◆ USB 3.0 Cable (2 m)
2 NP-3211 Accelerometer with built-in preamplifier

Ultra compact and lightweight type (0.5 g)
Frequency range: 0.3 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3 dB
Signal cable (3 m) provided as standard


3 NP-0020 Cable adapter Adapter for extending a signal cable provided with the NP-3211 with the NP-0153 signal cable 2
4 NP-0153A Signal cable 5 m, -25 to +160 ° C 2
5 NP-0021 Miniature/BNC conversion connector Convert miniature connector at cable end of the NP-0153 to BNC connector for input to DS-3000 BNC connector. 2

■ A personal computer is necessary for the DS-3000 series.
■ When the exciter controller has an external signal input terminal, which is used for the sine sweep of the signal output unit (DS-0371A),
     more accurate measurement can be performed by synchronous measurement of the measurement and sweep.
■ CF-3650 and CF-9200 can also be used as analyzer.
     Note) The model name is linked to the product introduction page.



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