Measurement of Electrode Thickness of Lithium Ion Battery

This application shows how to measure the thickness of the completed lithium ion electrode sheet on manufacturing line and control their quality. Electrode sheets of lithium ion battery cell are used in HEV/EV batteries.
It can also be used to measure the thickness of copper foil or aluminum foil, which is the base material.
The standard functions of the CL-5610 non-contact thickness meter (Max, Min, and calculation function) can measure the maximum value and the minimum value within the measurement range, which is useful for quality control of products.



  Model name Product name Remarks Number
1 CL-5610 Non-contact thickness meter Measurement target: conductor, semiconductor, insulator 1
2 VE-3020 Gap detector

Gap measurement range:
300 to 3000 µm (distance between sheet and sensor) Resolution: 1 µm (0.5 µm with CL - 0200 option)

Measurement diameter: φ 20
3 VL-1520 Signal cable Both ends straight type 2

* In addition to the VE-3020 above, we have some gap detectors including VE-1520 (display resolution: 0.5 µm, gap measurement range: 150 to 1500 µm).
* The thickness of the sheet that can be measured is determined by the distance between the two gap detectors and the gap measurement range.
* Click each of the model names to see the product information.



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