Fuel measurement system

High precision fuel flow meter


This system measures fuel consumption of an engine operated in steady state with high accuracy.

•0.02 to 90L/h and 4500:1 wide range measurement (H type)

•Keep the temperature change of the circulation flow passage in the device within ±0.1℃ (variation per 1 minutes)

to provide stable measurement.

•Pipe arrangement which minimizes air bubbles that enter the system reduced the factor error causes.

•Resolution has been improved by using an encoder with 1200P/R (Ten times of number of pulses to the existing model.)

Measurement system



System configuration

  Model name Product name Remarks
1   Fuel measurement system  
2   Fuel supply station  
3 FM-2500A Digital flow meter  
4   Control box  



Example of measurement data

Stability of temperature control by constant water circulation


● The stability of temperature is improved by the use of constant temperature water that is prepared in advance,

not using the control temperature by both hot water and cold water.


Accuracy of integrated fuel flow when temperature is stabilized


● Accuracy of integrated fuel flow measured by several detectors same as that of fuel flow measured by a single detector is

achieved by stabilizing the temperature of fuel circulation.

*Data when the FP-213S (1200 P/R) used.

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2 FP-213S Volumetric flow detector With pressure loss compensation function
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