Crank Angle Measurement System
CP-5110B Detector

CA-6000B Amplifier

CP-5110B Crank Angle Detector

CA-6000B Crank Angle Amplifier

CP / CA series are systems that detect the rotation angle of the engine crankshaft composed of CP-5110B Fiber Optic Crank Angle Detector, CA-6000B Crank Angle Amplifier and CP-5120 / 5130 Slit disk.
CP-5110B Fiber Optic Crank Angle Detector makes it possible to detect the crank angle required for various engine performance tests such as combustion analysis with high accuracy and high response. As it has a light projecting and receiving method with an optical fiber, it provides outstanding vibration and noise resistance without a built-in electric circuit in the detector.
CA-6000B Crank Angle Amplifier inputs a signal of crank angle detector and outputs a TTL level angle signal and a 1P / R pulse signal.

Please refer to the page of the combustion analysis.


CP-5110B Crank Angle Detector

  •  Improved optical system offering reliable detection
    Optional fiber cable directly attached enables extension up to 5m (high resistance to noise)
    No bearings, therefore low rotation load
    Optional fiber protected by stainless flexible tube


CA-6000B Crank Angle Amplifier

  • Outputs angle signal (phase-A), reference signal (phase-Z) as TTL level
    Crank angle detector sensitivity matching through an external volume
    Designed to improve high resistance to noise
    Suitable for each engine performance test such as combustion analysis


System configuration Combustion Analysis System

Overview Specifications

CP-5110B Crank Angle Detector
Applicable amplifier CA-6000B/CA-6000A* (*: discontinued product)
Cable Optical fiber cable 5 m directly attached (with stainless flexible tube)
Output signal A, Z
Materials of body Duralumin, brass (Cd free)
Reistance acceleration 490 m/s2
Maxium rotation speed 20,000 r/min
Operating temperature range 0 to 100 ℃
Outer dimensions 30(W)×42.5(H)×35(D)mm
Weight Approx. 270 g
Options CP-5120 Slit disk (360 P/R, 1 P/R)
CP-5130 Slit disk (720 P/R, 1 P/R)
IX-041 extension fiber cable (5 m)
IX-042 extension fiber cable (10 m)

CA-6000B Crank Angle Amplifier
Applicable amplifier*1 CP-5110B/CP-5730/CP-5110A*/CP-5720A* (*: discontinued prodcut)
Response frequency Max 300 kHz
Output signal Phase-A: Hi: 4.5V or more, Lo: 0.4 V or less/ analog output(sensor output monitor)*2
Phase-Z: Hi: 4.5V or more, Lo: 0.4 V or less/ analog output(sensor output monitor)*2
Angle and pulse signal: Phase-A dividing output (Hi: 4.5V or more, Lo: 0.4 V or less)*3
Operating temperature range 0 to +40℃
80% RH max (non-condensing)
Power supply DC 12 to 24 V
Power consumption 8 VA or less
Outer dimensions 162(W)× 56(H)×121(D) mm
Weight Approx. 1 kg
Options AC power adapter ATS050T-A150
AC cable VM1373-VM0339

*1 : matching fee is required
*2 : selectable switch 
*3 : dividing rate 1/1, 1/2 is selectable


•Please take note that descriptions and publications are subject to change.





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