Rotation measurement of motor

In measurement of motor rotation of HEV/EV (Hybrid electric vehicle / Electric Vehicle) by using reflective mark and electromagnetic sensor, it requires a significant modification and processing the vehicle. This application shows the advantages of using the OM-1200 ignition pulse detector and the FT-7200 advanced handheld tachometer. They detect magnetic flux leakage from the motor and enable speed measurement even during test running without modification and processing on the vehicle.


  Model name Product name Remarks
1 OM-1200 Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector Electromagnetic type
Operating temperature range :-40 to 80 °C
Outer dimensions: M16 x 1 L=55
Weight: 90 g
2 FT-7200 Advanced handheld tachometer Measures rotation speed using noise, vibration or fluctuation of magnetic flux from rotating objects such as motors or the others via FFT calculation.
3 MX-005 Signal cable (option) 5 m
MX-010 10 m

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