Vibration measurement of motor

Further reductions of noise and vibration, which provide uncomfortable feeling to the people on board, are required for HEV/EV motors. It is necessary to analyze what kind of vibration has been generated from the motors. The followings are key considerations for measuring vibration or noise from motors.

1. Electromagnetic force as excitation vibration
2. Motor structure of transfer system
3. Vibration transmission to equipments

The LV-1800 laser Doppler Vibrometer can measure vibration of the object with a high S/N ratio and enables high accurate vibration measurement/analysis.


  Model name Product name Remarks
1 LV-1800 Laser Doppler Vibrometer Frequency range: 0.3 Hz to 3 MHz
(fc = -3 dB)
2 CF-9200 Portable 2ch FFT Analyzer 10.4-inch LCD touch panel, 2-channel input, wide dynamic range 120 dB or more
compact and light weight, high spec FFT analyzer with mobility

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