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Digital Linear Gauge Sensor

GS/BS series

Complete selection such as ultra compact type baby sensor with 10mm in length or long range of 100mm type to meet requirements in various environments.


GS series excluding pen-figured type Linear Gauge Sensor will be discontinued.
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These linear gauge sensors detect wide variety of dimension, displacement and travel distance. Ono Sokki’s technology by original research and development are adopted in all models which achieve excellent durability and impact resistance. They achieve 30 times longer of product life than conventional detectors with rack and pinion mechanism. Moreover, the accuracy is not reduced even for a longtime usage. GS/BS series achieve maximum effect in remote measurements when a counter is separately placed from a built-in detector in automatic equipment or in use at a dangerous place.


Adopting linear gauge method provides excellent durability and highly stable accuracy compared with dial gage with mechanical method.

Dimension and displacement can be output or controlled in combination with DG series counters and convertors.

GS-1500A/GS-1600A series are designed considering environmental resistance such as in-line usage. With a dust-proof and splash-proof structure that conforms to the protection class IP 64, the gauge can withstand harsh environments and are therefore suitable for use in dusty environments and areas subject to drips and splashes.

Conforming to protection class IP64G, the GS-4500/4600 series sensors are designed to be used in harsh environments. As durability against vibration and impact is increased two times of that of our conventional products, they are suitable for measurement at a site using cutting oil or in a production line under harsh environment.

The GS-6500/6600 series are designed to increase durability against vibration and impact to one-and-a-half times of that of our conventional products. Conforming to protection class IP64, the GS-6500/6600 series sensors provide high reliable and stable measurement under harsh environment subject to water splashes, oil splashes or dust.

GS-7000 series are pen-figured type of linear gauge sensor at f8mm. Conforming to the IP67 protection class, they provide high durable measurement under harsh environment.

Structure Conforms to the IP64G and IP67 Protection Class


This International Protection number code indicates the protection class with respect to the penetration of dust, water and oil. IP6X indicates that the enclosure is dust-tight, with no ingress of dust. IPX4 indicates that the enclosure is protected against drops of water and splashing water from any direction. IPX7 indicates that there are no penetrations of the water even though it sinks in the water tank at a depth of 1 meter in 30 minutes. Further, IPXXG indicates that the enclosure is protected against oil drop and oil splashes from any direction.


Protection Class




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