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Photo (GS-7000 series Digital Linear Gauge)

GS-7000 series are pen-figured type of linear gauge sensors at φ8mm, which are mostly suitable for multi-point measurement.
It can save the space at the measurement area and its structure is conforming to the IP67 protection class which has enough durability against harsh environment.


Four models are available at GS-7000 series as following.


GS-7710* / 7710A
(* Discontinued)
Standard type
Low measuring force
(less than 0.3N) type
GS-7710N* / 7710NA
(* Discontinued)
Nut-mounted type which protects the stem from the over-tighten force
Nut-mounted and low measuring force type


High accurate measurement is possible by the combination of the digital gauge counter, model DG-4140 or DG-2310. It can be also possible to connect the sequencer (PLC=Programmable Logic Controller) directly through our converter model DG-0010/0020.


  • 8-mm diameter slim body

  • Designed for use in harsh environments which require protection class IP67 (GS-7710A/ 7710NA/7710* / 7710N* only)

  • Nut-mounted and low measuring force types are provided for your selection.

Structure Conforms to the IP67 Protection Class


It indicates the number code of protection class with respect to the penetration of obstacles, water, and oil. IP6X indicates that the enclosure is completely dust-tight, with no ingress of dust. IPX4 indicates that the enclosure is protected against drops of water and splashing water from any direction. IPX7 indicates that there are no penetration of the water even though it sinks in the water tank at a depth of 1 meter in 30 minutes. Further, IPXXG indicates that the enclosure is protected against oil drop and oil splashes from any direction.

Specifications Summary

  GS-7710A /

GS-7710NA/ 7710N*
  (Standard type) (Low measuring force type) (Nut-mounted type) (Nut-mounted,
low measuring force type)
Measurement range (mm) 10
Resolution (μm) *1 1
Accuracy (μm at 20 °C) 2
Maximum spindle velocity (m/s) 0.5
Measurement force (N)
1.08 max. 0.3 max. *2 1.08 max. 0.3 max. *2
Number of strokes
(measured according to our specified conditions)  
At least 5 million
Protection class
(excluding the connector section)
IP67 - IP67 -
Stem diameter Φ8 +0, -0.022 mm
Power supply 4.5 to 6.0 VDC
Power consumption 60 mA or less (5 VDC)
Signal output Two-phase square wave
Phase difference: 90° ± 20° at 5VDC
Output voltage: At least HI: 4.4V, Lo: 0.4V or less
Operating temperature range -10 to +55°C
Cable length Approx. 2m
Weight Approx.140 g (including the cable)
*1: Four compatible digital counters are available.
The DG-4140 / 4610 / 4190 can be used at a resolution of 1 µm, and the DG-2310 at a resolution of  0.5 µm.
*2: Use the linear gauge sensor in a vertical orientation, with the measuring element pointing in the downward direction.
The measuring force value is the value when there is no dust-protection rubber in place.
GS-7710A / 7710NA apply lead-free soldering.

Mounting Method and Dimensions

GS-7710A/7710* / 7210L* (standard stem type)

  • Use an Ono Sokki gauge stand or the AA-2500 indicator bushing (available as an option) to hold the stem in place. (Using the sensor directly as is, or using a screw to hold the stem in place will cause malfunctions).

  • The recommended tightening torque for the M6 screw is a maximum of 0.5 Nm.

  • After it has been fixed in place, check that the spindle moves smoothly.

  • Make sure that the position of the slit in the indicator bushing is at a right angle to the screw.

Illustration (Mounting Method for GS-7710/7210L)Illustration (Dimensions for AA-2500 Indicator bushing)

GS-7710NA/7710N*/ 7210LN* (nut-mounted stem type)

  • Compatible plate thicknesses for mounting are 9.8 to 12.4 mm.

  • The recommended nut tightening torque is a maximum of 0.8 Nm.

  • After tightening the nut, check that the spindle moves smoothly.

Illustration (Mounting Method for GS-7710N/7210LN)

Models with * have been already discontinued.



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