This product is discontinued / Replaced by Multi-stage Injection Analyzer FJ-8000 series (Click here)

Pilot Fuel Injection Measurement System

FJ-6000 Series


Measures injection quantity of pilot injection systems continuously for each stroke.


Photo (FJ-6000 series Pilot Fuel Injection Measurement System)



The FJ-6000 series is designed for accurate measurement of injection quantity of pilot fuel injection systems (where a small amount of injection precedes the main injection), which are effective for reducing combustion noise and vibrations of diesel engines.
The FJ-6000 series is a high-accuracy multi-functional system for fuel injection quantity and rate measurements, being applicable for various types of fuel injection sytems including ones without a pilot injection.


  • Highly accurate pilot fuel injection quantity measurement (within 0.5 % of reading)
  • Wide measurement range (0 - 300 mm3/str)
  • Adjustable back pressure (1 - 4 MPa)
  • Continuous measurement of injection quantity for each stroke [0.6 - 50 Hz (36 - 3000 r/min)]
  • Up to eight injection sensors can be used in a single sytem
  • Automatic calibration with a flow detector (FP-213)

System Configuration

Illustration (System Configuration)

Display Samples

Real-time display of injection quantity

Screen Data (Real-time display of injection quantity)

Sammarized data display

Screen Data (Sammarized data display)

Data of each cycle

Screen Data (Data of each cycle)

Histogram of injection quantity

Screen Data (Histogram of injection quantity)



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