Fuel measurement System

Multi-stage injection measurement system


Common rail fuel injection system in diesel engines is a fuel injection system which improves output performance and fuel consumption by purifying exhaust gas (soot, NOX) and reducing noise and vibration.
The fuel is completely burned by being sprayed in the form of mist which burns easily at high pressure, and furthermore the combustion timing is optimized with electronic control.
In this common rail injection system, injection timing by an electric controlling has great effect on the performance of an engine. So measurement of injection amount, injection rate, and injection timing are very important. FJ-8000 series Multi-Stage Injection Analyzer is able to measure those parameters for every 1 cycle by simulating in the environment which is near to an actual vehicle running.

Measurement system


Measurement system

System configuration

  Model name Product name Remarks
1 FJ-0600 Injection rate detector Fixed volumetric type
2 FJ-030 Injection-quantity detector Constant pressure type
3 FJ-0730 Amplifier unit For FJ-0600
4 FJ-0037 Amplifier unit For FJ-030
5 FJ-0830 Input/output unit For 7 slots
6 FJ-0831 Input/output unit For 14 slots
7 FJ-0800 CPU board Windows7 Professional Embedded
8 FJ-0810 Signal conditioner

For signal processing

Required 1 signal conditioner for one cylinder
9 FJ-08xx Optional board  
10 FJ-0750 Valve drive unit For driving discharge valve of injection detector



Example measurement data


●Bar graph display of injection quantity for each cylinder, and each injection stage



●Pressure waveform, injection rate waveform: when analog output is monitored with an oscilloscope or the like.
●Monitoring in application
●Temporal synchronization with external input signals

Conforming standard

CE marking

Related products

  Model name Product name Remarks
1 FP-2000/200 series Volumetric flow detector FP-213,2140H
2 FP-213S Volumetric flow detector With pressure loss compensation function
3 FZ-2000 series Mass flow detector FZ-2100
4 FM-2500A Digital flow meter For mass injection rate measurement (density measurement)





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