Matching adjustment and accuracy when the change of the signal cable length

Mainly the N-0 characteristic (Torque is displayed when the axis is rotating, even though it is in no-load state.) affects to the accuracy when the cable length is changed. To operate the adjustment of N-0 characteristic, select the TS series models that have "N−0 compensation function". In addition, use the exclusive cable for the adjustment.


The matching adjustment upon shipment is processed by using the electrical component such as resistor. We have confirmed the FACTOR (phase difference - torque proportional coefficient), N−0 characteristic, comprehensive accuracy and attach the test certificate in which each value was listed. If the cable becomes 5 m or longer than current status, we recommend to perform the same matching adjustment test (charged) as the time of shipment.


The accuracy when operates the matching adjustment = "Rated torque value of the torque detector" × ±0.2 % (When N−0 characteristic is ON.)



Matching adjustment


1. When you specify the length of the cable and place a new order, we perform the matching adjustment with the detector and display unit by using the specified signal cable, and deliver them with the certificate of the test results.

2. If you already have the detector and display unit, we take over them to perform the matching adjustment by using the new signal cable and return them with the certificate of the test results.


Please use the exclusive signal cable. Quotation and production are implemented by specifying of the cable length. A 5 m signal cable is attached as a standard for the torque detector.


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