Cable to connect the DS-2000 series FFT Analyzer and impulse hammer

It depends on the model you use. Please refer to the followings.


BNC cable  (3 m) is provided as standard. The GK-0122 BNC cable (3 m) is also available for maintenance as an option (sold separately).



Connection cable is sold separately. (MX-100 series BNC cable)



1. When using an aluminum handle

The GK-0132 signal cable is provided as standard. (connector : 5-44 = 10-32 miniature-miniature, cable length : 3 m) Please use it with the NP-0021 miniature/BNC connector (sold separately).

2. When using plastic handle

Please connect the NP-0021 miniature/BNC cable (sold separately) to a directly-attached cable (1.5 m).


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