How to select the ground selector switch (Case/ Float) of the AU series.

When you select <Case> in the ground selector switch, the signal common is connected to the ground terminal and the case of the AU series. Select this mode as general use and stabilize the inner reference potential to eliminate the external noise (N) by releasing it to the ground. (Including floated noise via cable.) However, with the following (1) to (4) cases, selection of the <Float> may eliminates the output signal noise by releasing the inner circuit from the case to cut off the noise routs or loops.


(1) When noises from other devices are floating into the output signal and generated, even if the AU is grounded.
(2) When the ground-loop are caused the noise due to the case grounding.
(3) When the noise is transmitted to the signal through the AU case due to the induction noise is generated on the frame or table which is attached to the AU unit.
(4) When the connection failure such as short circuit may occur by connection to the signal common, because the frame or table which is attached to the AU has potential.

Select of the ground selector switch in the following situation; when the fixing racks or setting places have potential, or when the output signal has noise and it is reduced by selecting (Float)

In these cases, the electromagnetic noise will affect the signal, so it is necessary to select either (Case) or (Float) depending on the cases.


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