DS-3000 series software installed on a Windows 10 PC cannot be connected to the hardware after updating Windows.
How should I do?

Please re-install DS-0320 and restart Windows 10.
Please select [Start Menu]> [Power]> [Restart] from the Windows Start menu.



(1) Prepare the latest version of the DS-3000 installation CD*. Or Download from the Ono Sokki user page (ZIP file) and extract it to the appropriate folder.


(2) Remove the USB protection key (software license key).


(3) Go to [Control Panel] > [Programs and Features] and uninstall the following two items.
Onosokki DS-3000 (Common Tools)
Onosokki DS-0320 Application


(4) Restart your PC from the Windows Start menu.


(5) Connect PC and DS-3000 with USB cable and power on DS-3000.


(6) Start DS0320Setup.exe in the folder extracted from the installation CD or ZIP.


(7) Insert the USB protection key (software license key).

(8) Reboot the DS-0320 software and check if it is connected to DS-3000. If not connected, please try to restart PC again.




* Please check your CD version to open VersionJ.txt in the CD and see the written in red below.

ex)DS-0320 Sound and Vibration Analysis Software : Ver
The latest version as of Dec 2019 is Ver



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