Torque characteristics test of a main shaft, EPS and other in-vehicle motors

The TS-8700 Torque station automatically measures torque, rotation speed, current, voltage, output, efficiency or others which are needed for product test or R&D of motor or motor driver.

Product Configuration

  Model name Product name Remarks
1 TS-8700 Torque station pro Simultaneously measures input signals (up to sixteen) such as torque, rotation speed and others, and displays them graphically.
2 MT-8* Torque detector Measurement for high speed rotation motor,
large capacity motor, torque ripple, cogging torque etc.
3 MT-071series voltage/current detector  
4 /B1 XYZ base for small capacity
5 /X1 XYZ stage for small capacity
6 /V1 V block A  for small capacity Φ30 to 60
7   Coupling For connection of measurement object and detector shaft

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