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Torque Meter Monitoring
Torque A-1-2 Simultaneous measurement· analysis of cogging torque and bearing vibration using wind-powered electricity (or dynamo)



  • The increase of cogging torque not only decreases effectiveness in energy but also is deeply related to noise and vibration problems. This example shows how to analyze the correlation with cogging torque and vibration.
  • First, measure and monitor the cogging torque from wind power generator blades, and then perform real-time frequency analysis of the vibration generated.

n Coupling is user preparation.


  Model Product name Remarks
1 SS-010 Torque detector Torque capacity: 1 N•m, minimum resolution: 1mN•m, applicable rotation range: 0 to 6,000 r/min, accuracy: ±0.2 % F.S, power source: AC 100 V, rotation signal cable and TS cable (5 m, provided as standard)
2 MP-981 Magneto-electric rotational detector Applicable rotation range: 1 to 20,000 r/min (60 P/R detection gear)
3 MX-8105 Signal cable (5 m) Between the MP-981 and the TS-3200A/Between the MP-981 and the DS-3000 series
4 NP-3414 Accelerometer with built-in preamplifier Compact, lightweight (3.5g), frequency range: 0.8 Hz to 16 kHz ± 3 dB, resonant frequency: about 40 kHz
5 NP-0102 Magnetic base Mass: 10 g, adsorption power: 29.4N
6 NP-0153 Signal cable for the NP-3414 5 m, -25 to +160 °C
7 NP-0021 Miniature/BNC conversion connector Converts the NP-0153 signal cable terminal to BNC connector and input to the DS-3000 series BNC connector.
8 TS-3200A Digital Torque Meter Torque, rotation, maximum and minimum power (W), peak to peak, absolute value display
9 TS-0325 RS-232C interface for the TS-3200A Applicable for EIA and JIS X5101, transmission speed: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 (bps)
10 TS-0327 Rotation pulse output for the TS-3200A Tracking analysis rotation signal for the DS-3000 series
11 MX-105 Coaxial cable (BNC-BNC, 5m) Input the TS-3200A torque analog output to the DS-3000 series / Input the TS-3200A rotation pulse output to the DS-3000 series
12 DS-3000 Data station (for tracking application) DS-3204 4ch Main unit
DS-0321 FFT Analysis function
DS-0322 Tracking function
DS-0350 Recording function
USB 3.0 Cable (2 m)
  The DS-3000 series needs a PC separately.
  The RS-230C cable between the TS-3200A and a PC is user preparation.

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