How long does it take to switch CW/CCW when the rotation right and left cyclic direction test is operated?

Generally, the torque detector is designed to make rotation of the attached motor inverse to the axis, so it is used by switching the rotation direction CW or CCW. The rotation direction switching time of the attached motor is around 3 to 5 seconds, but it is depending on the driving rotation speed or the model. For the torque measurement of the right and left cyclic test, use the following methods depending on the range of rotation speed to be measured



(1) When the rotation speed is approx. 200 r/min or less


Operate the measurement with the setting of CW. When the axis rotation direction is CCW, display and polarity of output voltage have the opposite results compared to that with CW, but those are correct values.



(2) When the rotation speed is approx. 200 r/min or more


Switch CW/CCW (or keep it to CW) of torque meter only while the power of torque detector is in off state. Torque measurement is not possible with the rotation speed 0 to approx. 200 r/min or less (display shows 0 or noise will cause the variation of the results), but it is possible with more than above range. In addition, it is possible to use with the CW direction (or CCW) due to the same reason as (1).



(3) Farther note


When axis rotation speed is low, the signal becomes small and cannot be detected, so attach the motor to the detector in the opposite rotating direction of the axis to make the signal greater. When the rotation of the axis becomes approx. 200 r/min or more, the signal becomes large enough to enable the measurement even if the motor is in off state. If you are considering cyclic driving test, please contact to your nearest distributor or send us an email. (overseas@ONO


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