How to wire the power to switch the rotation direction of a motor attached to the DSTP series Torque detector.

To change the rotation direction, switch the 2 of 3 phases (200 V) of the motor attached to the DSTP series torque detector. Please refer to the following wire connection method.


Wire connection method




Attached motor specification


Model name Power source Number of polarity Electricity consumption (VA)
DSTP-002, 005, 01, 02 AC200V 3-phase 4-pole 50
DSTP-05, 1, 2
DSTP-5, 10
DSTP-50 120
DSTP-2000 460


Please set the belt rotation direction of the motor reverse to the shaft rotating direction.

Please make the contact amount of the switching circuit or the wire rod of the cable to 5 times or more of the motor rated value with a consideration of a rush current of the motor.


Attached motor information


The rotation direction is viewed from the motor output shaft side. CW: Clockwise direction CCW: Counter clockwise direction


Rotation direction Inner terminal box figure
Clockwise direction Counter clockwise direction


• When the terminal box is fixed, make sure to use the rubber sheet to hold sealing performance.

• The cable pullout part is changeable and fixable in 4 directions. When changes the rotation direction, remove the screws which fix the terminal cover to the main unit of the motor and fix it to the selected direction. Make sure to use the rubber sheet.

Note: Do not apply a stress when you fix the cable which exposes outside of the motor.

Remove the motor cover and see the rotation direction of the motor belt to check the direction by visual contact.

Belt rotation direction (as viewed from "Drive Side" nameplate)

● The shaft is rotating CW (Clockwise), belt rotation direction is CCW … Drive CW

● The shaft is rotating CCW (Counterclockwise), belt rotation direction is CW … Drive CCW

Switch the power circuit to rotate as above. Also, use the attached cable (5 m) for the cover cable of the detector. Please judge the rotating direction in view of "Drive Side" seal so as not to make a mistake.




Do not touch the belt when you remove the cover. There is danger being rolled in the machine.


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