Is it possible to use two torque detectors with one torque meter by switching signals?

When the signal is switched at the contact point, the N-0 characteristic of torque detector is varied by the contact resistance variation, so the regulated accuracy warranty cannot be covered under that conditions. For that reason, switching signal of torque detector is not available.


Exclusive switching device which is equipped amplifier is necessary for switching the signal. However, using two torque meters are cheaper than using the switching device. If you consider to purchase the switching device, it is available by made to order.


Alternatively, the TS-3200 series torque meter has the memory function to remember the detector specific values. By this function, you can start measurement after switching the signal wire. Correction of the detector specific value (FACTOR, CAPACITY, ZERO) is necessary for each detector when the use of TS series detector except for the TS-3200.



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