Change of the model name and outer dimensions of the MD series torque detector.

The MD series Torque Detector has been changed the design to strengthen the signal output. According to this, the outer dimensions are changed and the model name is changed from MD-***R to MD-***B.


Change of the model name

Previous model name New model name
MD-201R MD-201B
MD-501R MD-501B
MD-102R MD-102B
MD-202R MD-202B
MD-502R MD-502B
MD-103R MD-103B
MD-203R MD-203B
MD-503R MD-503B
MD-104R MD-104B
MD-204R MD-204B

Change of the outer dimensions


(New) MD-***B

For an accurate dimension of the new model, please refer to this page.


The connector box position for the MD-201B, 501B, 102B, 202B, 502B, 103B and 203B is changed to 5 mm upper than the previous model. There is no change for the shaft position.


(Previous) MD-***R


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