Recommended calibration period of torque detectors

Torsion bar results in some amount of aging (G transverse elasticity coefficient) due to its material characteristics, and the static torque characteristic errors changes.
Please perform calibration again and adjust the Factor to keep the accuracy.


To gain good performance, as a guide, yearly calibration is recommended.
Do not change the specific values (Factor etc.) of the torque detector from the measurement result.
That affects the measurement accuracy.


Calibration/repair is performed by Ono Sokki (at the factory in Japan).
Please contact the nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office nearby.


■Calibration might be required if...

·the accuracy of measurement result is not reliable.
·the measured value has big difference compared to the previous one (trend management by calibration etc.).

→The error in the static torque characteristics may be large. Please request calibration or repair.



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