LG-9200 and TM-3130 are in use. 25 small cut reflective marks are affixed to φ 60 rotating body to measure. Analog output (0 to 10 V) waveform from TM is monitored with memory high coder.

When the rotation detection turns from ON to OFF, the display on the TM remains for several seconds, then it becomes 0 (after a while). Please tell me the estimated reason and solution for the case.

Estimated reason: the time for “auto zero function" for TM - 3130 is set to 0.5 or 1.0 S.
(The original measurement value is held for the set time until the actual measured value becomes 0.)


Solution               : please set the time for “auto zero function" to OFF.
                               The rapid deceleration follow-up function will automatically operate,
                               and the display value will be 0 without passing time.


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