Can I obtain the circumferential speed by measuring the rotational speed? (HT-5500)

Even if it is impossible to apply the circumferential ring to the rotating object, when the rotating shaft is exposed and the diameter of the rotating object is available, you can obtain the circumferential speed from the measured rotational speed by setting the diameter of the rotating object to HT-5500.

Operating procedure

1. Press the MENU switch in the measurement mode and go to the parameter setup mode.

2. Press the MODE & NEXT switch twice and go to the setup screen of the ADAPTOR-SEL(ADP), then, use the RECALL & ↑ switch and select 〔S-300〕(The KS-300 Contact tip).

3. Press the MODE & NEXT switch and go to UNIT-SEL(UNIT), and select 〔m/min〕.

4. Press the MODE & NEXT and go to DIAMETER-SET(DIA). Then, using RECALL & ↑ switch (input of the numerical value) and MEMORY & → switch (moving the cursor on the figures), set the diameter of the rotating object to be measured (1 to 999mm).

5. Press the MENU switch again and back to the measurement mode.

6. Apply the KS-300 Contact tip to the central dent of the rotating shaft. Then, the circumferential speed (m/min) which is calculated from the rotational speed and the inputted diameter will be displayed.


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