The display of the TM-3100 series is not stable (it shows error count).

The TM-3100 series has high sensitivity so it is affected by the high frequency noise on the signal line and the number of rotations dispersed. Please follow the noise control method according to the instruction manual.


Moreover, for EMC compatibility, please download the "TM-3100 series installation manual" and follow the instruction. Please store the TM-3100 series into the metal panel, use the line filter and surge killer for power wiring and be sure to use the shielded cable as the signal cable.



The noise control wiring


1. Please be sure to grounding the GND which is the power terminal of the TM-3100 series main unit.


Third grounding or more (100 Ω or less), 2 mm2 or more soft copper wire (AWG14), maximum grounding extension 20 m.

2.Please connect and ground to the stable earth both ends of every shield for the input signal cable.

3. Please refer to the following figure and make the signal cable as short as possible.


4. Please keep the negative side wiring of surge killer within 50 cm.


Part name Manufacturer Product name Q'ty
Line filter TDK Corporation ZHC2203-11 1
Surge killer Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG F-MS 12ST 1
Surge killer Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG VAL-MS 230ST 2
The base for surge killer Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG VAL-MS-BE 1



5. Please refer to the following figure and grounding the shield to the earth using the grounding clamp. We recommend you to use the EMT series grounding clamp made by Takeuchi Industry co., ltd. When the TM-0350 (RS-232C+GATE) optional EXTERNAL unit is installed to the B slot of the TM-3100 series, please ground between the RS232C cable and the TM-3100 series Digital Tachometer 10 cm or less. You don’t have to connect the cable to the computer side.





6. If the optional DC power unit of the TM-0301 is installed to the POWER slot for the TM-3100 series, please refer to the following figure to connect the cable into the DC power module in the POWER slot. In this condition, please use the ferrite core made by Seiwa Electric MFG. co., ltd. and make sure to wind the cable to the ferrite core for 2 times.



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